5 Fitness Podcasts That Will Motivate You

This may not be verbal but it is detailed enough to coach your fitness even if you are a beginner and it is definitely something you will find great to learn from. Do you love to lift weights, run, or move and groove in other ways. This will help you keep up with the latest in strength training research and any other body building part you may want to develop as well as nutrition. Stronger by Science podcast and pro bodybuilder and researcher Eric Trexler.

The Strength Running podcast: hosted by running coach Jason Fitzgerald includes interviews with runners, coaches, and scientists to give running tips for everyone from beginner to advanced. It also is a recommended podcast from Runner’s World, Podium Runner, and many others, the Strength Running Podcast is often the #1 running podcast in the United States. The show brings you conversations about running with leading experts about how to prevent injuries, improve your performance, get stronger, and develop mental toughness while running.

Maintenance Phase: Aubrey Gordon and Michael Hobbes tell the history of all our (least?) favorite wellness and weight loss phenomena in Maintenance Phase, from Oprah Winfrey’s “wagon of fat” to the Presidential Fitness Test you may remember from your school days. Ali Feller talks with all kinds of runners and athletes on the Ali on the Run podcast, including race walkers, ultramarathoners, and Olympic medalists. She delves into “the reason why people run,” and gives a behind-the-scenes look at their success. Wellness & weight loss, debunk the junk science behind health & wellness fads, and decode their cultural meaning.

The Messy Middle: The Messy Middle, exercise science Ph.D. students Alyssa Olenick and Kait Carmichael discuss the science of fitness and give practical tips on lifting, running, and how to combine them. Together this dynamic duo of science & sass create conversations around fitness and wellness that fall between the polarizing ends of the messages often received. After all, life is best lived in the messy middle Injuries are part of any sport, sadly, and when one gets injured, oftentimes there’s a lot of complex feelings. Carrie Jackson Cheadle and journalist Cindy Mental skills coaches help many talk through them in the Injured Athletes Club.

Barbell Medicine: If you love evidence-based information on strength training, you need to check out Barbell Medicine, a podcast by powerlifting coaches with a medical background, Jordan Feigenbaum and Austin Baraki. (They run a coaching business of the same name, so you will also hear their other coaches pop up on the episodes as well.)

Science of Ultra: This is a podcast dedicated to the art of running more than a marathon distance. For endurance athletes who want to do more than improve race performance. In other words, ultramarathons or ultra races.

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