8 Efficient Tips to prep your child for school Seperation Anxiety

Though the idea of schooling maybe exciting for some children but to some its an outright “No”. Most kids get nervous and develop cold feet once they get to their new school premises. Even for kids who are usually very active and out going with strangers, the idea of a crowd and so many faces in a strange environment without their parent or siblings around can be really scary especially on the first day. Often times for very empathetic parents they may be carried away by their emotions and feel very worried. At such, it is best to learn efficient tips to drop off our kids in schools as nicely as possible, since it’s part of the growth process, parental and societal responsibility to make them become better leaders of tomorrow.

Below are 8 Efficient tips to prep your child for school seperation Anxiety

Mild Home Lessons

While your child is growing up and is still with you at home for most hours of the day, it is ideal and very effective to introduce mild home lesssons. By this we imply; you could gently teach our toddlers very little things like identifications of objects like cup, spoon, toys etc and if they happen to have siblings surrround them with their siblings school home project and regulate the type of kid shows that is streamed on the TV set. These little moves will impact your child on how to live and make them see school as a fun environment long before they finally begin.

Visit the school

Before the school kicks start, it is best to do some assignment about the school as much as possible, take your child for the enrollment process as many times as can be, also make him familiarize with the school surroundings like his classroom and point out the different interesting activities he or she may do each day. Also, tell him or her, he will make new friends and get new kits. If you happen to drive by the school, casually point it out to your child, this will make them gain more confidence on what is coming.

Explain preschool Routines

To make it easier and something our kids could look forward to, share few routines they could expect at preschool with them, such as the games, what she will learn, see other kids and perhaps have friends, how school make heroes, and of course how you will always be back to pick her up at the close of school. But, be careful not to make promises about things you cannot control like assuring them they will definitely make friends etc.

Bring a comforting object

Have your child bring a little reminder of home with them, something comforting to ease their separation anxiety. This does not need to be anything glamorous, a favorite book or teddy etc could help. Comfort objects may often mean nothing to you, but they can provide a real sense of security to your child in an unfamiliar environment.

Home Role play

This is an activity of pretense play, you could pretend to be a teacher in school and make a classroom setting, whereby you act out some of the activities expected in schools with your child, also you could make them pretend tobe teachers teaching their pets and toys how to sing, write, recite etc. This will help your child adjust to the idea that he will be leaving you, but you will be back soon.

Meet the teacher

Many preschools keep their doors open so parents, children and teachers, can familiarize better. Most usually, many parents maybe vying for the teacher’s attention, but make sure that doesn’t deter you, get a chance to have a chat with your child’s teacher and ask your child’s teacher some questions technically if they bug you for clarity and you could further show your child who thier teacher will be even if they do not quite get introduce, make them feel safe and are in good hands while you are away. Be sure to intimate the teacher about any medical issues or food allergies.

Don’t sneak away

Some parent bolt from the room sneakily when their child isn’t watching but that might make your child feel more afraid and insecure when she finally realizes you suddenly disappeared. A psychologist says “It can take up to ten weeks for a child to fully be ready to be left at school without her mother. The best way to handle the separation process is to begin by Mommy going to school with her child and sitting next to her. She should not interact with her in games and toys, but rather be there as a safety net.” So, avoid sneaky dissapearance.

Consider a reward system

Cheer up your child with little rewards especially after their first day or first week at school. You could tell them, they will get a reward if they do not cry and be good in school.

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