8 Skills You Definitely Need as an Adult

Though we hope never to be caught unawares and frustrated but you never know when you will get stuck in an emergency situation that requires your intervention that is if a third party is involved or that will need you to activate your best brains, and act quickly before professional help arrives. Furthermore, as we grow into adulthood and take on certain responsibilities, we are expected to know and develop basic skills that will serve a purpose that could help us lead better lives while getting into the larger society.

These skills will be divided into two categories according to level of relevancy:

Necessary Medic Skills

  1. (CPR) known as Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation essentially pumps blood and oxygen manually to the brain and organs to keep a victim alive until emergency medical help arrives. If someone has a heart attack, performing CPR can make the difference between the life and death. CPR is one lifesaving measure that should be among other things known on one’s finger tip. It is best taught by a professional but can be learnt virtually just in case. Steps involve: Pressing on the victim’s chest at least two inches down, and at the rate of two compressions per second, or 120 compressions per minute. Continue without stopping until emergency assistance can take over.

2. Swimming: You may be wondering how this water aerobic is a lifesaver, well I’d tell you how. Swimming is a sport, and a relaxing activity that many do for fun or to reduce stress levels and more. Though, imagine that you are on a sinking boat due to a sudden bad storm and cannot swim to the shore for safety like your friends can, your thought is as good as mind. Or perhaps you were on the beach having a good time on the shallow part of the seashores technically conscious of the deep and suddenly someone knocks you off, and things happened way too fast

3. Drowning First-aid: Swimming comes with its own hiccups and drowning is the most common of all, which is the foremost reason for the phrase “reach, throw, row, go” it is used to remember the technique used to save a drowning person.

Reach: Lie flat on the ground and use a branch to extend your reach if needed.

Throw: throw a safety ring to the victim at the first sight of one

Row: Get a boat to reach the victim if needed.

Go: Swim out to get the victim. Use a towel or t-shirt to help tow them to shore but this should always be a last option.

4. Driving: This is one of the most underrated life saving skill that there is. Driving is very important and can come in handy in much unexpected situations where you need to get away from harm as fast as you can. Driving is definitely not limited to cars but to all auto-mobiles.

Cooperate Basic Skills

5. Basic Accounting

This is necessary in the world we live in since you will always come across things that crave your accounting skills. Money utility is a clear example and to rightly decipher how to use it, if you are on a loss or gain all of it needs to be accounted. Knowing how to keep track and record your expenses and income is important just to survive, let alone to thrive.

6. Public Speaking

As an adult it is essential to learn how to speak in public. That entail speaking clearly, persuasively, and in front of a small or large audience. This is an important skill even the most timid and shy of person’s can develop. When you speak very well in public it affect the way you see and carry yourself. It builds confidence, and attract people.

7. Critical Thinking

We are are made to process hundreds, if not thousands, of information on a daily basis and still make sense of them and arrive at a reasonable decision or response in the shortest time necessary. This is far beyond what our great-grandparents were exposed to and required of. To do those evaluate the valuable from the trivial, its meaning , relevance, and relate it to other information is crucial – and definitely can only be aced effectively with critical thoughts.

8. Networking

Networking is an essential skill and tool to grow and learn in a dynamic world such as ours dominated by ideas and innovation. It creates the channel through which ideas flow and in which new ideas are created. A large network, carefully cultivated, ties one into not just a body of people but a body of relationships, and those relationships are more than just the sum of their parts.

9. ICT: In today’s world people can no longer thrive without needing the services of the computer and at such to get the skill cannot be overemphasized. Your age should not be a barrier, the world is technology and it is only advancing and not retrenching.

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