A Letter To My Five Year Old Self

Dear Five Year Old self,
Hello, how are you doing? Though, I know that’s needless to ask. If anyone understands the meaning of fine or not fine, that will be you. Yes, because you were usually almost a hundred percent fine at age five and if anything ever at the slightest pricked your tranquility. You knew too well, to make it known to mom and dad, it was never your headache how they got it done. They just had to find a way around it, while you waited like a bride on her prince charming until the situation was fixed.

Dear five year old self, do you recall how we played hide and seek with the neighbours kids? Do you recall the times we eagerly chanted “mummy or daddy oyoyo” as a welcome song to them whenever they came back knowing too well without a shadow of doubt there was a puff-puff reward in view. How about when we broke the dishes and got some lashes and refused a meal, and still get flogged for it. I miss the tantrums, that’s something I can only wish for now. These days, people wish you’ll reject your meals when upset as another eager stomach awaits it.

Dear five year old self, you remember reciting those rhymes with complete faith you will be a doctor, a lawyer or those dream professions. You were told good grades was the only key and you made sure to secure them, especially when mom had promised you a bicycle.

A Letter To My Five Year Old Self

You came second, no thanks to your teacher or even yourself for ruining your Christmas. When you weigh the odds, between you and itoro who had one, but came tenth place, then you gradually realized it was never about the grades but something about the lack, they called it Money and your parents never seemed to have it enough.

Dear self, whatever way it looks fact remains I miss you, the freedom, the lack of worry, the peace, the ability to tackle one task at a time, the proper sleep without worry as intrusion or alarms. The ability to live in the moment, interacting with nature, void of problems. The freedom to cry without holding back and feeling a lot relieved afterwards. The simple life of a five year old, when your only competitions were who came first place.

But again, I can’t live you twice. So I appreciate the experiences, the moments that stays evergreen, the opportunity to feel and archive, the lessons you subtly thought me, that shades light on this life journey. I love you.

Yours affectionately,

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