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Argentina vs Paraguay 2021 (Copa America) goals

Yet, another moment for the Copa América group stage to have Argentina’s third match. Albiceleste, S. Agüero and Messi, taking on Paraguay in Brazil. The Argentina team are one win away. What will go down in this match?

An opening night match against Chile a few days ago left them with a draw, Argentina survived winning by a tough game against Uruguay to gain an edge and some grounds attaining the knockout stages.


With a good luck charm and of course focus and the usual team spirit, gaining three points will secure them a spot tonight. Yet, Paraguay team with their amazing talent especially at the attack wing doesn’t seem to plan on sleeping on the pitch after they came out acing in that opening match.

Also, Lionel Messi may want to make adjustments with the swift swap since the Uruguay match, this may mean Agüero takes the first start in the tournament.

Keeps our fingers crossed, let the game begin!

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