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Bachelor in Paradise-Extra Episode

Bachelor in Paradise has an extra-juicy episode for its teaming fans. This episode is all about love triangles (or quadrangles). First, it’s Kendall and Joe. There’s a scene where Kendall pulls Joe aside to talk, and he immediately asks if she’s okay due to the abruptness. She’s not great, she’s not awful, she’s just okay (sing it with me Sondheim lovers, “I’m not good, I’m not nice, I’m just right”). She doesn’t seem to wrap her head around why Joe is so emotionally stable when she is not.

But before we get the heck of all that drama, how about you answer this if you’ve been following the series. Why does Chris C. need the C when there is no other Chris on the beach? Harrison is gone. Is another Chris coming? Serena dropped the P as soon as Serena C. left. What gives?

Moving on,

He breaks it down for her, telling her how too many memories were stirred up, being in the place they fell in love and that made him not so good. But Kendall is glad he stayed, so they could have this conversation. Honestly, you felt like the only way to talk to Joe was to corner him on the beach in the middle of a new relationship? Okay.

While Kendall seemed “okay,” Serena is clearly not, afraid of what this could mean for her and Joe’s future together. She cries in the confessional and then says she doesn’t know why she’s crying. Serena, c’mon, anyone would cry in this situation and we all know why. Even Wells says he thinks there’s a good chance Joe and Kendall will get back together.

Kendall and Joe have a real heart-to-heart with them both admitting life without each other has not been easy. “It’s difficult for me to not have you be a part of my life,” says Kendall. ” The reason we broke up was not because we didn’t love each other, it was because of logistics.” Okay, but Kendall, sometimes the logistics are important. They are pretty essential to keep things afloat. Have we learned nothing about infrastructure and planning during the pandemic?

Didn’t that get you all loved-up and thinking, what next? Well isn’t that why you should waste no more second in finding out on this extra episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

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