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Bad Parenting

Bad parenting is a huge responsibility that doesn’t go away once one begins no matter how grown a child gets. It only wanes in style and demands as the child gets older yet no parents ever grows out of parenting. It is also one of the most difficult yet fulfilling task that life throws at any one who wheels the part both deliberately thought out or in deliberately.

Parenting is as old as human itself and has always been the product of almost every responsible person the world has ever had and known. Therefore, though parenting is never mastered but it gives room for improvement as bad parenting has untold negative effects on children, family and society at large. There are several instances of bad parenting that has had long term consequences on children. This could be as a result of a number of factors parents use to bring up their kids.


Bad parenting is not a single mistake or act where a parent fails at but a compendium of acts or mistakes that may be known and unknown to even the parents. With such a fast-paced growth of children especially in today’s generation they may be some confusion in how best to be a parent to children of these days. This confusion may be so grave to some parent that they miss the right way of parenting their children and thereby ill raising them.

Some of these factors, act or practices include:

Neglect: Some parents totally neglect their children, they are never interested directly and indirectly on whatever their kids do. They are sometimes too occupied or just too uptight and consciously do not participate or interfere as well as inquire about any area of life of their children.

Excessive scolding: Parenting sure does entail scolds, but scolding a child on every error he or she commits is a symptom of bad parenting and may have an adverse effect on the child. Such as lack of self-worth.


Comparison: This is a common mistake that many parents make. Sometimes unconsciously, but since parenting is a conscious task it is important to check it. Comparing your child with their peers is very unhealthy, since every child is unique and never the same.

Lack of Praises: Bad parenting has the attribute of no praisals, no compliments but always fault finding and complaints. When you never praise your child for their achievements in any area of their lives that is an act of bad parenting, they are always in constant strive to think of how they can earn as little as a “weldone my child” from you.

All advice, no support : You are always up to dispense advice about everything, from how to maintain personal hygiene to picking the right friends, career etc but give none or too little verbal or physical support.


Hoarding Expression of Love: You barely tell them how much you are blessed with them how happy you are to have them, how much you believe in them, or pull them in for a hug, a pat etc. Lack of these things leaves children feeling unloved and needy.

No Boundaries: When you allow your children to act out every thought that goes on in their head without setting rules, guidelines and boundaries they end up wild and unable to stay trimmed and totally struggle to fit into the larger society.

No Respect to their Feelings: When you disregard what your children feels or take them for granted because you feel they are childish or or do not know what they feel. This is wrong, children have a right to feel sad, angry, love etc as adults and deserve to be respected and understood when being addressed.


Even parents with a positive style of discipline and interaction can have children who struggle with behavioral or emotional issues. A single bad day doesn’t make you a bad parent, but it is important to raise your kids in the best way you can. This doesn’t mean that your child will be off struggles or life issues but will place them in a better stance to handle it.

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