Believe in New Year Resolutions?

Resolutions are simply put as new strategies, lifestyles, reforms, tools etc set by people to iron out their lives better by following these guidelines as they progress with hopes to achieve a desired goal, habits or character. 

Most persons seem to adopt them every new year. The main question on most mind will be thus:

Are these resolutions really effective? Well, maybe notably if followed religiously they ought to be. But most persons trail completely off after a month or two, living themselves to chances, time, luck and opportunities.


So, why make resolutions if you don’t intend to keep to them? There are many reasons why people do, and the motive behind most is usually the most important part, not what it becomes. Hence, it’s pertinent to make workable and near realistic resolutions, possibly encoding terms and conditions.

How do one make a good resolution?

1. Think carefully about what you want to achieve and write it down in relation to the maximum time

2. Consider all odds 

3. Be honest to yourself as you weigh these odds

4. Be constructive and confident 

5. Be ready to work, to give it your best shot

6. Be patient and trust the process

7. Expect challenges and be ready to face them “head on”

8. Don’t let failed attempts discourage a well planned and passionate dream

9. Paste your resolutions, where it’s the first thing you see every morning and the last at night

10. Record every successful ace, and results. 



1. Did you make resolutions in 2020? How much success did you record? 

2. Do you think it helped you stay guided and disciplined to your goals? If yes? Are you doing same for 2021?

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