Breakfast Myths You Should Discard

Have you ever thought of having your typical cup of coffee in the morning, or smoothie, bread, cake or pie and suddenly cut them short because your senses just reminded you that, that isn’t the right breakfast or probably that you are better off skipping it? Well, those are called breakfast myths this is because they haven’t been proven to be true, they are all just human theories that somehow got passed down through decades.

So, you may have probably heard a lot of stories behind breakfast just like you must have heard behind specific meals while growing up, and that has ultimately shaped your eating habits even now that you have come of age. That’s the thing with habits and lessons from childhood it sticks like glue, becomes a part of us that we can barely change.


Some of These Breakfast Myths Include:

Having Breakfast makes you Dull: Many moms like mine may have said this to your dad, having being said to them by their moms a couple of times that having breakfast will make them feel dull, heavy and tiresome at the office and for such reasons had packed dad’s meal in a flask as he makes it to work, and possibly have his supposed breakfast as brunch instead, and on some of those occasions dad wouldn’t eat all together because he got accustomed to not having breakfast. Now you are all grown and practicing same, or maybe even preaching same.

Personally, I’ve met too many in this group of belief, so how true is this really, let’s ponder on it a while. Breakfast is definitely not responsible for a persons agility or smartness. Rather, the type of meal you take in might play a part in your activeness. Ideally, breakfast have been recommended by experts to be light, not ladened with high carbs.


Examples of light breakfast include cereals, oatmeal, yogurts, scrambled eggs etc. Experts have also claimed that among other meal options for the day, breakfast is the most important. This is because breakfast make a higher ration of your day’s total intake.

Breakfast makes you gain weight

Some persons have deliberately been skipping breakfast because thy have been led to believe that breakfast makes people add weight and have indirectly exposed themselves to unnecessary health problems that would have been avoided. You do not gain unnecessary weight by eating breakfast, you gain healthy weight just as you would when eating healthy nutritious lunch and dinner.. But, skipping breakfast may lead to headaches, migraine, increased blood pressures and the likes.


Orange juice is a healthy breakfast Option

Actually, orange juice is not a bad staple for breakfast because it contains great ingredients such as the obvious orange fruit, vitamins and other vital nutrients. Still, it is not a totally ideal breakfast option and must be limited inspite. It is probably based on that old saying “Breakfast without orange juice is like a day without sunshine,” that has somehow played down on the fact that comes with orange juice.

Orange juice like most fruit juices contains high amount of sugar, that is to say one eight-ounce glass of orange juice has about 23 grams of sugar more than twice that of a medium orange. This is why it is better to consume natural orange fruit for breakfast staple than the processed juice. Plus, you get all the fiber when you eat the whole fruit.

Carbs are terrible breakfast option:

Here is yet another myth, not all carb diets a are bad breakfast option in case you are avoiding to feel so heavy that you may get dizzy while driving, in school or at the office. They are great carb choices that feels in just right for breakfast and leaves you active and strong throughout the day compared to meat, plant protein foods and other breakfast option that may contain fibre, saturated fat etc. Example of this type of breakfast include: chocolate milk, shredded wheat, sprouted bread, apples and many more.

In short, in all honesty some people feel a lot better having heavy meals for breakfast and function quite fine with whatever the day throws at them.

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