Coconut Oil For Toe Nail Fungus -Treatment

As you are aware coconut oil is responsible for a number of positive benefits, reasons why it is present in most skin care, hair products and even among health supplements. Yet, you just may not have thought that it could be a useful remedy for that nail toe fungal issue you have been experiencing. Widely, we can agree that his toe nail fungus are difficult to go away and their presence makes our nails unatttractive. The good news, is now you know, that coconut oil can help, you may want to know just how exactly could it be used to treat your nail fungus? This and more are the answers we seek to provide in this article, keep reading.

Different studies have shown that at least 8% of adults suffer with toenail fungus every year, and a traditional treatment for toenail fungus can take an average of 12 months to kill off the fungal infection. Also, many studies have also been made to prove the efficacy of other natural remedies e.g vinegar and their impact on toe nails but discoveries made signifies that vinegar is harsh and burns the toe nails skin area, making it unsuitable for use, compared to coconut oil that is mild and leaves little or no skin irritation to the affected part.


How Coconut oil help nail fungus?

Coconut Oil For Toe Nail Fungus
Composition with natural organic coconut oil body cream

The coconut oil extracted from the coconut plant, contains lots of fatty acids that work as natural fungicides. These fatty acids have potential anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial effects and therefore breaks down the fungal membranes, which clears up eventually once they have been destroyed. These properties in the coconut oil are responsible for dissolving, spilling and killing the fungus.

The Coconut and Oregano Oil Solution

Coconut Oil For Toe Nail Fungus
Coconut fruit and coconut oil

Since patients suffering with acute nail fungus have wounds or open skin, they can benefit from the soothing effects of coconut oil. This need to be done alongside proper hygiene, and within shorter periods can realize great result and changes.

Studies have indicated that, when combined with oregano oil, coconut oil can help restore neighborhood tissues and strengthens the growing tissues. These oils have antifungal acids that penetrate the underneath of the finger beds ensuring that the nails are well treated, healing as the fungus die off. However, the trick is ensuring repeat usage of the oils even if it takes a while to clear the fungal infections especially if stubborn. Several statistics have shown that people who used natural coconut oils managed to kill off the fungus much faster than those who used some other natural remedies.

However, experts have suggested further that exposing your affected toe nails to sunlight for about 30 minutes to routine treatment can speed up the healing process. Though, you might need to use some sunblocks if your skin is sensitive to reduce the harshness of sunlight. Direct sunlight helps kill off the infection. especially if your skin is sensitive to sunlight.


How to Use Coconut Oil For Toe Nail Fungus

Coconut Oil For Toe Nail Fungus
Woman apply Coconut oil on feet on bed

Doing a coconut detox in combination with coconut oil bandage can be a good pack to get rid of moderate and severe toenail fungus.

  • Purchase an organic, 100% pure coconut oil. This ensures that your coconut oil has no other ingredients that may reduce the effect of its healing on your toe nails.
  • Warm the coconut oil by placing the required amount in a bowl and submerging this bowl into hot water. This will warm the coconut oil without overheating it, and will allow it to be at a temperature you can handle. Overheating the coconut oil may destroy the elements needed to fight the fungus.
  • Wash the affected area and pat it dry.
  • Use your hands to apply the coconut oil to the affected area. You can also wear gloves if you do not want to directly touch the infected toenails.
  • Allow the coconut oil to absorb into your toe so that it isn’t removed or wiped off by anything, such as socks or shoes.
  • Repeat this method 3 to 6 times a day until you see the fungus clear up.
  • If you regularly suffer from toenail fungus, you can use coconut oil to massage your feet before bed. This will help prevent the fungus from returning.

Coconut oil bandage for nails

Alternatively, you can use coconut oil to create a coconut oil bandage. This method is said to be even more effective and for best results should be done before bedtime.

  • Following the procedure above to clean your toe nails with warm water
  • dab the toe nails dry
  • Next, apply the coconut oil on the affected nails
  • Dip a clean bandage in a 100% pure coconut oil and wrap it around your toes
  • Then cover it up with a towel or a clean bag and leave it overnight to retain the moisture for more speedy effect.


The good side to coconut oil nail fungi treatment is that it does not irritate or burn your skin, so like vinegar or other natural remedies may. Though, coconut oil may either take too long to work, or not work at all if the nail fungusis severe, hence would require a more professional remedy.

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