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Cult activities, worth the sentence? Allison Mack

Cult activities? Of course not. Usually the goal of any individual is to live happy, comfortable and healthy without any need to look at his back.

But of course, that does not quite describe it for everyone. They are people who believes in more, being more, having more and whose definition of outside the box thoughts lies in the acquisition of stinking wealth, power and affluence or even to stay in direct constant tandem with a super natural force(a cult).

To this end, these sect go miles to find their craving at whatever expense. Today, they are thousands of cult groups the world over, with different names, similar or even different missions, different cult activities and of course with millions of members too.

In a definition from Wikipedia “cult is a social group that is defined by its unusual religious, spiritual, or philosophical beliefs, or by its common interest in a particular personality, object, or goal.”

Keith Raniere, the group leader for a cult group known as NXIVM was sentenced to 120 years by federal court of sex trafficking and racketeering on June 19, 2019 with the assistance of Allison Mack who provided the authorities with a substantial evidence to nail Raniere.

Smallville Actress, Allison C. Mark leader and recruiter of NXIVM sex cult facing a 3years sentence.

Same Allison, has recently been sentenced to a 3year jail term being one of the lead deputies for playing core roles in same cult group, that has paraded under the disguise of a help organization, after several testimonies by victims. Allison Mack is a popular actress in the series Smallville.

“I am sorry to those of you that I brought into Nxivm. I am sorry I ever exposed you to the nefarious and emotionally abusive schemes of a twisted man. I am sorry that I encouraged you to use your resources to participate in something that was ultimately so ugly,” were her words.

She is currently being pleaded for a more lenient jail term as a reward for her previous assistance to the government on Raniere’s case.

Allison ashamed over previous actions

Reading through the details above, is this secret society worth Allison’s career and life three years of her life?

Many like Allison Mack still roam among us and it may interest one to carefully identify priorities and decide how qualitative one will like to spend the very few years one has on earth as humans before commitment to any organization or cult that may either make or mar one’s life.

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