Effects of Alcoholic Drinks

in a recent study published in the Journal of Physiology might change the way you think of that single glass. Believe it or not, just one drink can seriously mess with your eye movements, which means that your neural processing is taking a significant hit.

“Looking at a range of eye-movement responses can be used to detect extremely small impairment of neural function,” Dr. Leland Stone, senior researcher at NASA’s Ames Research Center and senior author of the study, told Eat This, Not That! in an interview. 

It can mess with gut bacteria and cause digestive problems. We all have bacteria in our stomachs that allow for normal digestion. After every first sip, alcohol immediately affects this area of the body, reducing those healthy microbiomes, according to a study published in the journal Alcohol Research.

This comes close to proving Ovid’s quote right “There is more refreshment and stimulation in a nap, even of the briefest, than in all the alcohol ever distilled.”

You will gain weight: Drinking alcohol, especially too much, can lead to increased inhibition and excess caloric intake. A quote by F. Scott says First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you.

You won’t see the effects of your workouts: If you’re working toward gaining muscle while also drinking alcohol every day, you won’t see the results of all your intense work. “Alcohol intake affects the rate by which muscles repair (when working out, muscles tear and then repair, leading to growth),” Edelson says

You won’t sleep well: Your liver is constantly working in overdrive. If you’re consuming alcohol every day, your liver is filtering harmful buildup in the body. That work takes a toll, and of those who drink heavily, up to 15% will develop alcohol-related liver disease (ARLD), according to Healthline. Many people with ARLD aren’t aware of it at first, when fat starts to grow near the liver. Symptoms include nausea, fatigue, swelling in the legs and abdomen, and more.

Ringo Starr said “That’s all drugs and alcohol do, they cut off your emotions in the end.” So ask yourself what will it be Today? Is alcohol worth it? 

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