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Eternals Celestials- Zhao and Gillens Plot

“Eternals” is very much around the corner and could be very well anticipated. Chloé Zhao is looking to shake up the visuals display of the Marvel cinematic feel using everything at her disposal to making it real preferring to shoot on location instead. Chloé Zhao is acclaimed for her immersive long takes.

“For Eternals, what drew me to this movie, here is a review

Eternals come with a storyline revolving around Ajak, Makkari, and the Avengers from say 1,000,000,000 BCE, and much like the rest of Gillen’s Eternals work, this happens to be more cerebral than standard superhero films. It is a unique piece that delves into the psyche of Ajak, who is one of the “polar Eternals’”, with origins from some aural mountains in Russia. Ajak has always been portrayed as the embodiment of Tecumotzin, a fictional Incan god, and is often dressed in Incan inspired clothing and armor. Ajak had dedicate her life to being one to converse and translates the Celestials motivations, but that’s changed because in this new world she is unsure of what to do. Makkari teams up with Ajak, and the two couldn’t be any different. Makkari worshipped the Dreaming Celestial and had watched the Dreaming Celestial being desecrated by the X-Men, she was distraught, but decided to dedicate her life to redefining what their purpose is.

“Eternals” is set after the events of “Avengers: Endgame” and centers on an immortal team of superheroes who must band together to stop an alien race known as the Deviants. “In this case you’re going throughout history and 7,000 years, [and so it’s] even more important to make us feel like this world feels real and grounded,” Zhao told Fandango.

The biggest disappointment was in the lack of interaction between Ajak and The Avengers BCE. The lack of action has been one of the biggest detriments to this book since Gillen has taken over its writing. While I’m loving the character work being given to the property, it can become tedious when playing in the superhero genre of storytelling.

Kei Zama is the artist and posseses a unique style as a welcome treat. Kei is a Japanese based artist, who has done projects for IDW, and 2000AD.

“Eternals” opens in theaters November 5 from Disney.

Also, Ajak and Makkari come face to face after having their reason for existence blowing up in their faces after learning about their actual origins. Are they able to reconcile with this shattering blow? Only the future will tell. Ajak finally gets some much needed character growth in this issue, and hopefully we’ll see the further development down the road

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