“Feminism” a liberating force or a menace

Feminism is a social theory or political movement arguing that legal and social restrictions on females be uplifted in order to bring about equality of both sexes in all aspects of public and private life. It is a range of social movement, political movement and ideologies that aim to define and establish the political, economic, social equality of the sexes.

Feminists have campaigned and still continue to campaign for women’s rights such as voting, holding public office, own propeFeminismrties, receive education, maternity leave, equal rights within marriage etc. They have also worked to ensure access to legal abortions.

Throughout most of Western history, women were confined to the domestic sphere while public life was reserved for men. Feminists advocated for equal rights for women. This advocacy has stirred up controversies in the society and these has led to a lot of questions like:

Is feminism causing havoc in the society?

Is it a liberating force for women?

Should Feminists be applauded or condemned?

Feminism has a lot of Pros and Cons. The Pros which constitute better access to female education, higher level of freedom, gender quotas, confidence among women is increased, a more tolerable society, right to vote, less gender discrimination and better overall treatment of women e.t.c.

As everything has its good and bad sides, Feminism is not excluded. Some of the Cons include discrimination of men, certain repulsive attitudes, bureaucratic work. Some Feminists take these privileges to the extreme subjecting the male to nothing at every slightest opportunity they get and at some points play victims to elicit pity from the society.

With all these, can it be deduced that the Feminist movement has been a liberating force for women in the society or has it been a weapon for causing havoc by these women in the society.


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