Flash Flood, what to know-Cincinnati

A flash flood like the name implies is a rapid flooding of low-lying areas: washes, rivers, dry lakes and depressions. The above definition is according to Wikipedia.

In simple terms, “flash floods” are floods that egulf areas with plain tables or sloppy areas, when there’s heavy rainfalls of about 3-6hours they are quite swift in their flow, catching many off guard.

What causes flash floods? Though they are a few natural causes of Flash floods but they are mostly triggered by anthropogenic actions on the earth surface, such include : Rivers can overflow their banks, causing flooding during heavy rains, severe storms and dam breaks. Huge amounts of water flowing in rivers are due to incessant heavy rains and melting of snow, resulting in severe flooding.

Looking into a typical recent case and obvious warning in Cincinnati. The National Weather advices citizens to be watchful as they suspect an approaching flash flood as the rain keeps falling in increased amount at some risky areas.

Flash flood
A woman and child caught in serious flash flood

Weather Forecasters in Cincinnati and residents are paying close observation and attention to the weather and are prepared for immediate action should heavy rains and flooding occur or a flash flood Warning be issued.

Flash flood
A mother navigating herself and kid to safety in flash flood occurrence

Emergency unit is required in any country with risk to curb the damage made or envisaged by flash floods. Also, it is important that “a stich in time saves nine”.

If people take good care of their environment by doing the necessary to enhance sustainability flash floods will be grossly declining. To know what people can do to reduce the occurrence and effect of flashflood see article “5 flashflood preventive

In this light, we trust this gives you a good idea of what flash flood is and susceptible areas to it.

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