Fourth of July, through the Americans Lens speaks Freedom

The fourth of July could not be overemphasized when viewed through the America’s lens. It is not just an historical day but a very remarkable day to its citizens. A day where freedom was birthed, felt, acted upon and sustained. It is officially known as “US Independence Day”.

Like every nation, Independence Day is a federal holiday commemorating the Declaration of Independence to a country and that of the United States, happened on the fourth of July, 1776. That is practically over two centuries ago.


US Independence Day marks America’s independence from the British Empire where thirteen colonies that made up America declared a war of independence against Britain and demanded to be set free through casting votes in by the continental congress which yielded positive results in forty eight hours and they said bye to the British.

fourth of july
Fourth of July fireworks display in the United States

Why Fireworks for the fourth of July? Since the Corona virus pandemic, this year Independence is coming bigger and better and of course with much excitement when viewed through the lens of the Americans.

Though, fireworks is an attractive substance that due to its mode of utility and general aesthetics is preferred in outdoor unique occasions especially when the functions signifies a merry celebration.

Therefore, Americans are not left out in recognizing fireworks vitality in expressing their emotions and liberal rights. Yet, fireworks was envisioned by one of Us founding fathers to be part of the Independence Day festivities before the Declaration of Independence was signed on the fourth of July, 1776.


Hence, it has become a ritual where Americans celebrate the Fourth of July with grand fireworks shows. Asides, fireworks and fine speeches delivery by the US government on the holiday. It is usually marked with parades, carnivals and fun fairs.

fourth of july
United States independence day celebration marked with the US flag

However still observing the Covid-19 rules and regulations, the US intends to achieve maximum fun in as many social events as possible this independence day with the necessary precautions put in place to tackle the jubilant crowd.

Happy Independence Day America!

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