Get It Done Now

When you first read the topic “get it done” as popped up on your screen, you must have been wondering “get what done”. Looking at a piled ton of things that crave your indulgence. Where would you begin, I mean which is she proposing I begin with. Well, won’t that be an even more reason you should not stop reading.

It’s crystals, that to achieve a goal or set of goals, one will definitely have to make an effort in that direction. Yet, one has to very practically do a lot of things either on their own or through another’s assistance both voluntarily or via paid labour.

Get it done
A person writing out goals to “get it done

Now let’s get illustrative a bit, “imagine I wanted writing this article but all I rather did was just allow the ideas jolt in my mind, without actually getting my notepad and an ink, to fill out one one word after another. We both know you definitely won’t be reading this and I definitely wouldn’t say I have made any milestone in that regard, but I made a decision to get it done now!

So, generally speaking “get it done” applies to every one, every works of life. From politics, to sports objectives, to raising a family, to business etc you name it, and it is also absolutely a very deliberate action.


Get it done, now! This goes beyond the actual doing. Yes, you read right. It also inculcates “time”, somethings are best appreciated when done on time. So time plays a vital role.

To “get it done” you definitely will need among other resources “discipline”. Discipline here involves character, tangible and intangible resources as well as moral.

Get it done
Helping one another to imbibe discipline that can get things done

Though, the above qualities may not be very expressly associated with everyone who wants to truly get things done, probably even to the peak of their career, academics, passions etc but these could be cultivated.

Here’s an adage that says “discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments Jim Rohn


Frankly, speaking to “get it done” you will have to sacrifice something. It could be your comfort zone, a meal, some fun moments, or even a relationship depending on your goal.

We do today what they won’t, so tomorrow we can accomplish what they can’t.” – Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

How about a quick eye opener? All the big names you can think of went through one or two of this, to get to where they are today and you too can be next if only you are willing and ready enough to “get it done”.

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