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Gymnastics and acrobatics differences, myths and facts

Gymnastics typically refer to exercises done with the aim of developing and displaying physical agility, coordination and strength. In modern times gymnastics involves exercises on bars, beam, floor, and vaulting horse for the women who show interest and take training sessions on it while six parts for men they are : the events floor, vault, rings, pommel horse, parallel bars, and horizontal bar (source :Wikipedia)

Akin to every single sport today, gymnastics have evolved and has become even better. It is thousands of years old, in my opinion. It is the cradle to all other sports, this is because all other sports involves some level of flexibility, movements, exercises and the likes and there is no doubting that one is as good in any sport as he or she is able to posses to their advantage any of the above mentioned qualities which is a direct representation of gymnastics.

Due to the exquisite routines and demands of gymnastics on body movements, control and agility it is most often passed for acrobatics and they are not all wrong but to deliver clarity on what distinguishes gymnastics from acrobatics is this.

Acrobatics are body movements that involve particularly in the transition of movement, choreography, it could ideally be seen as an art, choreographed for entertainment purposes, it permits dance moves displays eg (ballet). While gymnastics are purely sporty. Acrobatics are also a category of gymnastics while gymnastics is the body. Interestingly, both focuses on strength and balance.

Facts and Myths

Myths “Gymnastics and acrobatics require a certain body type or height ”
Fact: No particular body type is ideal or stipulated for either of them. Both can be done by anyone, no matter their sizes, height, shape or strength level. Though some body sizes may have an advantage over others but with constant training sessions both can get on the same page. The skills that are provided create body awareness that both tall or small participants benefit largely from.

Myth: “Gymnastics and acrobatics are gender specific”

Fact : Both male and female genders can participate wholly in both. Gymnastics and acrobatics have been designed in ways that are convenient for any gender without posing any physical problems.

Myth: “Gymnastics and acrobatics is only started at a young age”

Fact : It is important to note that this is not entirely false, gymnastics and acrobatics could be started at a later age but with lesser achievement than if started at a younger age.

Myth : It is a very common belief that Gymnastics is a highly risky sport”

Fact: Both gymnastics and acrobatics are sports that involves skills and only can be done successfully without a hitch through series of training program. It is also tailored to the needs of the age group and ability level. It is only just as dangerous as any other sporting experience. The athletes involved are trained and taught just how to perform these skills safely.

Why Gymnastics and Acrobatics? A number of reasons can fall under these column. Apparently since everything about gymnastics is about flexibility, balance and strength those are the first reason for any athlete who is involved in the skill.

Fun: Gymnastics is entertaining to watch, to see the rare and unique ability a person displays in carrying and positioning their body is something you would not forget in a hurry. It is an ever green thriller. Acrobatics leaves viewers dazed and wanting more. This do not have effect on just the audience but it is fun and entertaining to the athletes too, who learn within themselves, get encouraged and bond.

Build core values: Core essential values such as self-morale, determination, and better communication skills can be learnt through gymnastics and acrobatics. There is a constant self awareness that springs with gymnastics, this pushes many gymnasts and athletes to develop more confidence, reasoning skills and general communication skills.

Improves Rest Quality: Gymnasts and athletes basically enjoy better sleep and are most less likely to fall into depressions.

Builds Better Body Physique: Participating in gymnastics and acrobatics from a young age is important and tremendously beneficial. It targets all muscle groups for total body strength and flexibility. The regular joints and muscle stretches have long term benefits in the way ones body physique gets formed as well as the health of the individual.

Lastly, gymnastics and acrobatics among other things helps in improving cognitive functionality, judgment skills, reasoning, self esteem, personal happiness and many more.

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