Hepatitis A Vaccine how long does it last?

Due to the spread, mode of transmission and increased number of cases of the Hepatitis Virus as a whole. There has been a good number of articles and researches on this topic, most of which are conducted by experts, all in a bit to spread awareness to the masses on how to stay safe, concious, careful and alert on the presence of the virus as well as the best ways to manage this virus, if a person is diagnosed or is found to be a carrier, to avoid its further spread to uninfected persons as well as recovery. Before, we rush to providing a response to the above question, it is best to have a pre-knowledge on what Hepatitis is really about. Keep reading!

General Hepatitis Knowledge

Hepatitis is basically a viral disease that predominantly affects the liver. They are several types of hepatitis, they include Hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E. All of which are significantly different, because some are more severe than the others. Research says that over 292 million people live with hepatitis and the most dangerous type of Hepatitis today is – Hepatitis D – Delta, which about 15-20 million from the previous number live with Hepatitis D. Alarming right? Well, forthe course of this article, only Hepatitis A infection will be considered since Hepatitis A, B, and C happens to be the most common forms of hepatitis and also the most contagious, reason enough to be discussed here. In Nigeria, they are more than a 100 thousand cases per year.

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is a highly contagious virus and infection that affects the liver and are most commonly found in human faeces (poo), contaminated food or water or any contact with an infected person, this means if you consume any raw or undercooked dish from an infected person who hasn’t practised proper hygiene, you are at high risk.

Mode of Transmittion

  • It’s also transmitted through dental dam with someone who has the virus, even if they show no symptoms
  • Hepatitis A is also very sexually transmitted through the practice of unprotected sexual activities, more common and precisely – anal sex, fingering, fisting, rimming, or touching used condoms, sex toys and douching equipment, generally exploring the anal genital region of a person with your fingers, tongue, etc.
  • Also, you can contact or spread it if you share contaminated needles and syringes.


Hepatitis A don’t have any symptoms for many people living with the virus, and If eventually they symptoms dshow up it takes about 2-6 weeks after infection and will usually pass within 2 months.

  • Feeling nauseated – (fatigue, aches and fever)
  • Appetite loss
  • Diarrhoea
  • Abdominal pain
  • Colouration of Urine(Dark) & pale faeces
  • Coloration of eye and skin(Yellow) as well as itching.

Recently, Starbucks reports an infected employee with Hepatits A, and the facility was immediately shut down while others were encouraged to get tested.

Can Hepatitis A affect Kids?

Yes, everyone is prone to Hepatitis A as long as they come in contact with any of the above mode of transmissions, though it is low in kids less than 6 years old

Prevention and Treatments

  • Regular hand-washing before and after every activity.
  • washing thoroughly your groceries and making sure they are well-cooked as well as being highly concious of where you eat.
  • Avoid all drinks if you’re not sure they’re safe, that includes water boil water before drinking it if you must.
  • Practise, insist and only indulge in safe sex – know the true status of your sexual partners – (use a condom, or a dental dam, latex gloves, for vaginal, anal or oral sex. Also, wash properly and cover sex toys with a new condom and after use.)
  • Never share sharp objects like needles, syringes, blades etc.
  • Run a blood test at a professional healthcare facility.
  • Preventable by vaccine
  • There is no treatment for hepatitis A – it usually clears up on its own. The condition clears up on its own in one or two months but severe cases will require professional health servicces.

Hepatitis A Vaccine how long does it last?

Since, there are 2 types of hepatitis A vaccine according to wikipedia “the single-dose hepatitis A vaccine, is given as two shots, 6 months apart, and both shots are needed for long-term protection against hepatitis A. The other type is a combination vaccine that protects people against both hepatitis A and hepatitis B. Hepatitis A is preventable by vaccine.”

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