How Does A Man Feel When A Woman Walks Away? 10 Ways to Tell

As humans we are saturated with all forms of emotions and that is a super power tat makes us higher than other mammals asides our biological qualities. Our emotions are very vital parts of us, they don’t make us weak like some persons have orchestrated, far from it. In short, they are great strengths especially when properly managed. The feelings of empathy, affection, hate, anger, safety, sadness, etc are all various forms of emotions that we humans can utilize and express in reasonable instances to wholly appreciate our lives here on earth.

In this article, we will be talking about one of many emotions we feel particularly to the male gender. This is because the male gender shoulders and attempt to seal up a lot of unexpressed emotions inside of them, due to various factors such as cultural beliefs, societal influences, moral upbringing, ego, financial instability etc. Somw of which are very toxic for their health. These and more have made their voice on emotional grounds very barely heard and have caused serious emotional and psychological damages to their health and in very severe cases suicidal attempts and ultimately death.


For these reasons, we found it beyond necessary but pertinent to discuss an aspect of emotional health that is most usually neglected and overlooked when a man is involved, which is “How Does A Man Feel When A Woman Walks Away?”. In most cases, no one stops to ask how a man really feels, when he is dumped or rejected by their partners whom they loved dearly?

This article seeks to throw light on the instant way most men truly feel at the time of breakup and how they feel afterwards, including how long it takes them to heal and eventually move on and perhaps how this may affect their subsequent choices and view about love and life as a whole.


Reasons Why A Woman may Walk Away

They are no specific reason to cut through the female gender sufficiently, this is because each woman who decides to walk away from her man, walks away with personal reasons she considers best for her, and sometimes best for the man though rarely. Women are affectionate beings as well as have an intuitive nature that controls their decisions and actions responses to a ton of things. Below are few common reasons why a lady may walk away from a man.

Love fades or Dies: In this case the woman clearly has given up on the need to find sparks with her man and feels there’s no remedy except to part ways for good.

Financial Stance: What a couple believes about money, how it is made, quality of life they need, savings and expenses, etc can cause a woman to walk away. Especially if she doesn’t feel financial security towards the man.


Toxicity: A toxic relationship can definitely push or trigger a woman to find the door. Eg. Being with a nagging partner, one who lacks understanding to the basic need or consistent areas that changes should be effected in (habits, behaviors etc).

Health Problems: Health Problems such as incompatibility of genotypes, terminal illnesses, etc are serious triggers of breakups in a relationship.

How Does A Man Feel When A Woman Walks Away
Health incompatibility between lovers

Sexual Incompatibilities: This is one ruining factors of relationships, many couples who do not stand on a common ground sexually may find it difficult to stay together. This goes as broad as understanding the partner’s sexual desires and language, how to satisfy them, willingness to be ready to, styles and sexual positions, family planning etc. When a woman isn’t sexually satisfied or feels disrespected or devalued she could walk away.

Strong Differences in Views: Couples with very strong differences in life’s view, will most likely disagree on almost everything and this will place a constant strain on a relationship which ultimately one of them will most likely walk away. Others include : Personal hygiene, religious differences, work immigrations, etc.

Of course, this doesn’t rule away negative reasons such as the woman may be a greed, a cheat, a swinger, a player, a gold digger etc.


10 Actions a man exhibits when a woman walks away

In an attempt to answer this, we conducted a little research on a few men to back our claims. We concluded that the depth of hurt and recovery time differ with persons and above all the depth of love, trust, and length of time together. He may either snap out of it in days or it may take years. This is on a whole different level if the man in question is a player, but almost unfair if she pulls the plug on a good dude, who sometimes still can’t lay hands on what went wrong.

1. Confused

How Does A Man Feel When A Woman Walks Away
Angry girlfriend breaking up with boyfriend

Most times, breakup leaves a man feeling confused on what he should do from here, now that she’s gone. Some men feel stuck, unhappy and unable to take reasonable decisions as some may feel the reason behind their zeal to face a day’s challenge may have left etc. This can take a while to snap out from.

2. Angry

Sometimes, a man may be very upset that his woman walked away. This mostly happens when the woman chooses to be with another man over him. It most usually leaves him feeling incompetent, not good enough, jealous etc. In some cases, he may attempt to confront the new guy out of frustration or resolve to drinking.

3. Pretense

How Does A Man Feel When A Woman Walks Away
Egocentric man in front of mirror preparing for a night out and ignoring wife

This is likely, if a man is trying to lean towards his egotistical self. He will try to act indifferent and unaffected by the woman’s absence. Sometimes, to show her he is doing very well without her, when in the real sense he’s badly hurt. Also, if he seldomly expressed himself in the relationship he may take on this form to shield his weakness. Pretence could also be otherwise, he may as well act like he’s sorry and wants the woman back only for selfish interests. In other words emotional blackmail, the woman have to be very careful in cases like this, especially if it had worked on you previously.

4. May Miss Her

How Does A Man Feel When A Woman Walks Away
Depressed man at night feeling alone and useless

Your man in most cases will miss you especially if you both had something good going, and if he really cares a lot about you. The memories you both shared may feel haunting and being without you can make him miss you desperately. This can make him feel vulnerable and without zeal towards other cares as well as may bring regrets and compel change, a decision to do better if he could ever get you back.


5. Act Possessive

Sometimes, when a woman walks away from a man, he may act possesive. Especially if he doesn’t see any faults in you both relationship or feels you should be comfortable because he has invested a lot probably materially in you. Men in this category can easily fall into depression if their plans do not pan out and may become a threat or even lethal if not kept checked.

6. Afraid to Move on

How Does A Man Feel When A Woman Walks Away
Man with hands clasped begging his girlfriend for forgiveness.

Some men may be too afraid to try out another relationship when they one they had failed, especially if they never saw what hit them coming. Some maybe stuck on the past experiences, or their ex or just not emotionally and mentally ready for another serious commitment. Some go as far as giving up on eros love type as a whole.

7. Better Treatments

How Does A Man Feel When A Woman Walks Away
Man riding girlfriend in cart for shopping

Some men, double their treatments when a woman they are dating walks away or attempts to. They begin to go back to doing all the things they had probably stopped doing that they feel their partners loved (breakfast in bed, propose ice cream dates, posting lovely scented flowers to workplaces, spoiling them with expensive gifts, propose get-away vacations etc.) Not to mention, higher respect levels to their woman, sometimes walking away from a man jolts back their conciousness that the woman is precious and valuable. Most usually in an attempt to get them to stay.


8. Rebound

How Does A Man Feel When A Woman Walks Away
Rebound sex in public restroom

Some men may jump straight into a new relationship with someone else, usually called a rebound. Most times, this is because they feel that this could help them ease the hurt your disappearance have caused them and make them feel less pain.

9. Marry their Passion

Some men may choose to marry anything they are passionate about to distract them from the hurt their partners had left. They may find a new interest, try a new skill, bury their self neck deep in work, or change environments as part of a fresh start.

10. Less Social

How Does A Man Feel When A Woman Walks Away
African American man not in a party mood

His personality may change drastically and maintain same overtime. From the life of the party to one who dreads social functions and enjoys solitary. He may also stay away from family or friends who will usually relive him of your memories and taking care of himself may be a problem, including eating well.


When should a Woman Walk Away

When she is

  • Mistreated
  • Disrespected and Devalued
  • When she is certain she deserves better
  • When the relationship doesn’t have mutual interest or goals


People say you don’t value a good thing until it slips away from your reach. Men should do better at recognizing what they have when it is truly good and also be willing to move on with the rest of their lives after a bad break up, you never can tell what lurks around the corner – it could be better, so brace yourself and be ready for the big catch.

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