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How Exercise influences your Mental Health

Our mental health is a very important part of us, it is that part of us that helps us stay sane, plan, stay cognitive, act etc based on its interpretation of what is said or is expressed around our immediate environment. When we exercise, it leaves an impact on our body that we can vividly see and feel. But, would that be all? Of course not, many people do not know that exercising frequently can also improve their mental health and bring them all round well-being.

The following are ways exercises influence our mental health :

Improves alertness

When people participate in regular exercise even for 10-15 minutes daily, they feel awake, prepared and alert to face the days challenges boldly without worry. They are also up and doing at any tasks that is laid out before them maximizing their full potentials. Meanwhile, those who do not get involved in exercises tend to act and respond slowly to task, feel fatigue and dizzy during work hours in other words slowing down progress.

Improves Self Esteem

Our self esteem is a direct function of our thoughts, it begins with our brain, what it interprets to us might boost or rid us of our self esteem. Exercises can influence that strongly, releasing hormones that boost your confidence. Also, when you see yourself progressing in a particular exercise and achieving the goal you aimed for. You will confident and happy that you could do something boldly on your own. This will also play out in other areas of your life. Impact on our mood especially with depression Exercises have positive impact on our mood. This is to say, that it has the ability to influence our mood for the better. It will make you feel happier, a lot calmer and in control, as well as make you feel happier and enthusiastic, compared to persons who do not exercise. Depression and anxiety keeps increasing inspite of several measures to curb it, but one effective way to stay safe and reduce the chances of it occurrence is by exercising, it lowers our anxiety level and provides stability.

Boost brain power

Our regular indulgence in exercise can play a part in boosting our intelligence quotient as well as to strengthen our memory, this is because through exercises new brain cells our created by neurogenesis. It allows you to think and act fast yet more accurately, and on a wider scale reduces the occurrence of memory loss and other mental health disorders such as dementia.

Manages Stress

When events happen that increases our stress levels, causes fright and anxiety or even make us feel threatened and upset our balance in various ways. We may spew our emotions almost every where in that moment, but a 15 minutes workout session can greatly reduce our stress level and calm our nerves thereby making us less anxious about the situation.

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