How To Blow Smoke Rings Safely and Perfectly

Have you admired a movie scene where smokers blew their smokes in rings and wondered how they did it so effortlessly? Or perhaps you have come across some persons or two in your neighborhood or clique of friends at a party blowing smoke rings catching the attention of onlookers for a moment. Do you wish to add similar style and swag to your smoking anything fumes by discovering the trick behind it. This article, will guide you on just how to do that easily, safely and perfectly.

The next time you smoke a hookah pipe (or even cigarettes, cigars, or vaporizers), follow these steps to blow smoke rings.

What You Need

  • A cigarette, shisha, hookah
  • Electronic cigarette
  • A lighter

Method 1

Draw a mouthful of smoke from your hookah

  • To do this, inhale the smoke partially, and try to leave the smoke sitting in your throat, not just in your mouth, this may trigger cough though, be guided.
  • Roll or draw your tongue to the back of your throat and keep your mouth closed, let your tongue point down toward the bottom of your mouth so that the smoke moves away from your lips and creates a clear path for smoke rings to travel through.
  • Shape your mouth into an “O” shape by sticking your lips out simultaneously. Don’t stress too much – leave room for movement. Shape your cheeks and lips as if you were sucking on a lollipop, and open your mouth to form an ‘O’ shape.
  • Try to push a slight amount of air out of your lower throat without pausing and without moving your lower jaw. click your lower jaw forward while maintaining the ‘O’ shape with your lips. The click should produce a short burst of breath, and with it a perfectly round smoke ring into the air. Once you get this right, the rings will be easier formed, steady your lips while pushing small bits of air out of your mouth. Also, ensure your tongue is far back in your mouth, you have enough smoke to form a ring, and enough breath to push the smoke out.

Method 2

Spin and Speed to Smoke Rings

How To Blow Smoke Rings
E-cigarette smoke ring
  • You might want to spice it up, by doing some backspins with your smoke rings. When the smoke is leaving your lips, push the tongue forward, while keeping it pointing down. Quit trying to bring the tip of your tongue above your teeth so it does not interfere with the smoke ring.
  • Then simultaneously, bring your lower jaw slightly but rapidly upward. This will put a “back-spin” on the smoke, and will make the ring stay in position, creating a very beautiful, thick ring of smoke.

Make your rings go quicker by speeding up your tongue pushed along with a rapid jut. These two motions should be the motions that push the O from your lips. The difference between this technique and backspin is that in the spin technique you push your jaw up while the other you push it forward.


Monkey O’s smoke trick kits! Is a good help product to truly produce thick and consistent smoke rings every time. It comes in lots of great colors, including White, Blue, Orange, Black, Red, Purple, and even Glow in the Dark!You can also blow smoke bubbles with Monkey O’s.

Blow smoke rings with a light tap of the cheek. It’s an easy and more effective way to blow small smoke rings without needing to master the throat technique, though some people think of it as “cheating”.

Use the tongue-push method for smoke rings. You are basically using the tongue to push smoke out of the mouth without “blowing” at all.


How To Blow Smoke Rings
Man in Striped Vest Smokes a Cigarette and Blows a Ring of Smoke
  • Be patient when trying to learn how to blow perfect smoke rings. You won’t necessarily get it right the first time, and it would take a good amount of practice time in order to perfect. Note: Rings are thicker with a hookah or shisha smoke.
  • When blowing smoke rings, try to position yourself by a window or any other source of light that will shine on the area you will be blowing your rings to. It will make the rings much easier for others to see. For easier practice, try using an electronic cigarette for perfect smoke rings.
  • When blowing rings, try to ensure your tongue does not interfere for as much as possible, as it will only disrupt the spin you are trying to put on the smoke. This is a simple method for beginners: to blow smoke rings that persist with speed and accuracy, pop your jaw upwards instead of trying to force air forward with your glottis.
  • You can practice in front of a mirror so you watch the smoke form and flows, and how the shape and movement of your mouth affects it.

Remember that smoking seriously damages ones health and isn’t worth an habitual practise.

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