How To Clean Silver With Coke

Silver is one among many precious stones and metals in the world and just like other stones in their raw forms, silver have been processed and crafted into many precious items. These items are most usually easily characterized by their white or shimmering luster, examples of these silver products are largely available in ornaments and jewelries, housewares, antiques, and many more.

But when a priceless silver item begins to dim or lost its luster what do you do? Do you just painfully discard it or is there a way to remedy the situation? That answer is Yes, your silver can be cleaned and very easily too with the use of coke among other things.


What you need to Clean SIlver Item

  • Coke
  • A bowl
  • A toothbrush or soft cloth
  • Clean water

Cleaning Silver With Coke

  • Firstly. get a clean bowl, wide and deep enough to contain the silver item you wish to clean and next, place the silver item in the bowl’s bottom.
  • Grab a regular bottle or bottles of coke, the type doesn’t matter, also any carbonated cola can work too.
Note: (the quantity of coke will depend on the size of the silver item placed in the bowl to be cleaned). 
How To Clean Silver With Coke
Pouring Coke in a bowl
  • Then, pour the Coke into the container until the silver is fully submerged. Ensure that the silver is totally covered by the Coke.
  • Allow the submerged silver in the bottom of the bowl soak for at least an hour without any form of disturbance. Also you can choose to leave it submerged for loner than an hour to three hours if you want the silver in the Coke to clean it longer, though you will have to check on the silver after an hour to see how clean it is. The acid contained in the Coke will act as a loosening agent to any form of dirt, grime or residue that was stuck on the silver.

Use a pair of tongs to avoid getting the liquid from the coke on your fingers. Lift the the silver and gently shake off any excess into the bowl and place the silver item on a paper towel or on the table.

How To Clean Silver With Coke
A silver ring being cleaned using a toothbrush and soapy water
  • Next, grab a soft-bristled toothbrush or a soft towel and polish the silver with mild dish soap mixed in warm water, to help you scrub off any stubborn grime or residue that refused going off on its own when the silver item was still submerged in coke. Scrub the silver item gently especially if the item is a jewellery and when you are convinced, rinse out the silver in cool clean water under the faucet, or soak it in a container full of water.
How To Clean Silver With Coke
Professional jewellery cleaning dabbing ring with paper towel

Shake off and gently dab off the excess water with a paper towel so the silver isn’t wet.

Next, expose it to cool natural air so it doesn’t rust over time. Make sure it’s completely dry before putting it away again.

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