How to get acrylic paint out of clothes

Acrylic paint is a type of paint usually used in craftwork by artist or in home decorations and other types of required paintings. Normally, it should dissolve readily in water but it works differently when it gets on your wears leaving stains making it feel like it’s your bad day.

Most often than not the first thought that comes to your mind is worry, how will you get it off your fine clothe or will you somehow need to get rid of it? That is an option that leaves you sad when your fabric is one you hold dear.

Off you go to dipping it in water and the regular detergent in an effort to wash it off before it dries up, but sadly that doesn’t yield any better results. You may have probably discarded the previous acrylic stained clothes but here is a remedy for the future. This will work on a wet or dry acrylic paint.

Step One
Do not hesitate, act quick: Whatever the magnitude of the stain or position and type of texture. It is usually best to act quickly, as this plays a part in how easily you will be getting the stain off the fabric.
Since acrylic paints dries fast, it is actually easier to remove when wet, than when dry.

Step Two
Scrape Gently with a hard edge: Get a tool with a smooth hard edge and scrape the affected part gently. This is in a bit to remove the excess as much as you can especially when wet.

Step 3
Dab it: If the acrylic paint is still wet, dab it with a cloth or use a bristled brush on the affected area but this depends on the type of fabric, while still applying water. Always keep in mind to dab, not rub. So you don’t make the stain spread.

Step 4:

Next, Soak the affected area with the isopropyl alcohol, be sure to use a reasonable quantity. This works well with stubborn acrylic paints stains. The affected area should be wholly saturated. Then use a damp cloth particularly soapy to rub gently over the alcohol area to clean it off.

Leave the cloth in the washing machine: If yo have a a washing machine it is ideal to put the clothes in the washing machine to assist you do the rest of the work. Set the cycle depending on the type of clothing and wash with a detergent.

Also, for handwashing: Soak fabric in warm soapy water preferably detergent and wash normally concentrating more on the affected area.

If for any reason there’s no water source or you just cannot wash right away soak the affected area in water until there’s time to wash. It is vital to keep the spot wet until it can go into the washer.

Or try this

Fingernail polish remover: It is funny, how this will be the least thought of option to remove an acrylic stain. Get a cotton ball or the tip of a washcloth dipped in the polish then press it on the stain. Hold it in place for a few minutes to let the acetone have effect on it. When it is loose enough to scrape, scrape to get the dry bits off, wipe bits away. Rinse out the acetone with clean water before putting in the washing machine or handwashing in a warm soapy water.

Hair product: This works similarly to finger nails polish remover. The only problem will be in knowing the particular one that works and having same handy when you need it. Simply spray the hair product on the affected area in till it’s very wet. It should soften seconds afterwards, giving you room to scrub it and wipe it off. Then, you can pour water on it and then immediately put it into the washing machine.

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