Snail Farming

How to grow snail faster and healthy

Snails are a type of seafood, particularly shelled. They are various type of snails which also signifies that not all species of snails are edible. Snails habitat also differ and are identified by them.

Most land snails are edible in my opinion especially the ones found in the soils of Africa. This could be the reason for growing increase in snail cultivation or better called Heliciculture.

In Nigeria snail farming seems to be a strong growing and quite lucrative business. This is not just due to its availability, but a bunch of factors which will be carefully outlined in this article.


Facts about Snails:
Snails are long living organisms, snails have a life span of about two to seven years. Did that get your attention as much as it did mine?

This means that snail business is good business.

Also, snails are an edible delicacy, very rich in protein and low amounts of fat, snails are rich sources of iron, vitamin A, calcium, and other minerals. Vitamin A helps cells in your body grow, helps the immune system fight off diseases and strengthens the eyes.

Snail farming has a number of advantages and should be properly outlined to interested persons who will like to plough this business route, they include:

  1. Requires a relatively low capital for start up in comparison to other types of farming
  2. It’s highly profitable
  3. Method of snail rearing is simple and easy without much items to purchase on a start up
  4. Low losses realization
  5. High survival rate
  6. High reproduction ability
  7. Low cost of maintenance such as veterinary care etc
  8. Snails are friendly and do not cause any form of harm or noise discomfort
  9. Snail slime and dungs are both medicinal and fit for manure

To grow snails faster, here are productive steps to follow :

  1. Snails feed mostly on wide range or type of fresh foods, seeds, vegetables, and grains: Majority of your snail’s diet should some of these fruits and vegetables, grains and seeds.
  2. There is no maximum or minimum quantity of food consumption but with time you will know what quantity to feed your snails daily but at least not less than 0.25 cups (59 ml) of food daily
  3. Shred produce into tiny pieces: To adequately feed snails, use shredder or a knife to chop all produce before feeding them to your snails.
  4. Saltfree: Salt is a huge enemy to snails, also quite dangerous to them because it harms them and eventually lead to death.
  5. Abundance of Calcium: Snails need a lot of calcium in order to develop strong healthy shells.
  6. Don’t use processed foods: Avoid feeding your snails with processed foods such as snacks, they contain sugar and salt. Snails also have problem digesting rice, millet, pasta because they cause bloating.
  7. Sprinkle your snails with spring water every 1-2 days: Help them to stay hydrated by sprinkling them and their environs with water.

Enjoy growing your snails healthily.

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