How To Make a Pen Pipe Yourself

Pen pipes as the name implies are pipes made from a writing pen but not just any type of pen works for a pipe. Rather, one made of high quality metal material with high temperature resistance i.e it cannot be made out of plastic. You can make your own pen pipe that will conveniently allow you to smoke your cannabis without sharing.

This unique pen pipe is just the thing you need for quiet, unnoticed smoking, it blends in perfectly with your other writing materials, and everything irons out legitly, unsuspecting. This article is written to show you how to go about the process, save time and make your life generally easier.


Steps To Make a Pen pipe

Pen pipe
a woman smoking with a pen pipe

1. The pen you want to use should have a metal tip that looks like a small cone with a wide hole on one side, and a thin hole on the next. Safely stuff it somewhere you can retrieve later.

2. Pop off the back end of the pen, with your fingernails or a mildly pointed object, such as a butter knife.

3. Pull out the ink cartridge from the pen and toss it in the garbage or fix it in another pen with a finished ink cartridge but most usually it wouldn’t fit. Once, that is done, you will an empty cylinder piece will be all that is left, which will serve as the body of the pipe, where smoke will travel through.

4. Shove the thin end of the pen’s metal tip, into the hole at the end of your empty pen cylinder and cram it in there tightly that it stays firmly secured alone. If it proves continually failing, chew up a piece of gum and use it to secure the metal tip to the empty pen cylinder, instead of a glue. You will be left with a crude looking pipe, with the upside down metal pen tip serving as your bowl piece. Fill this metal tip with cannabis.

5. Put your lips to the end of the empty pen cylinder, and while lighting the cannabis in the “bowl piece” (metal pen tip), inhale.


Benefits of Pen Pipes

Pen pipe
Smoking and vaping cigarette pipes
  1. Burning cigarettes creates a lot of toxins, but pipe doesn’t burn and therefore does not create toxins. Pen pipes emulate smoking by the creation of a clean, pure vapor which doesn’t contain carbon monoxide, tar, or other toxins.
  2. The vapor that is created by pen pipes dissipates in seconds. This means it doesn’t linger long enough to disturb others.
  3. Nicotine is addictive among other things, pen pipes do not have this toxic chemicals.
  4. The pen pipe is cheap and can be done alone with the steps above, compared to other options which can be expensive.
  5. Pen pipes are easy and flexible to use by anyone even a newbie when shown.
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