How to make your dogs mate successfully

Mating dogs like many mammals require lots of skills, tolerance and timing. Though unlike humans, they don’t get to have the privilege of communicating their desires and may literally need help on that. Since dog owners are increasingly concerned about reproduction in recent times, making this topic quite crucial.

Below are basic necessary tips for a successful natural mating between your male and female dogs.

Note: This does not in any way condemn artificial insemination and other fertility ideas of your female dogs.

First, have a full knowledge of the breed of your dog and that of its potential significant other and of course a handful of necessary information about their compatibility.

Secondly, ensure your dog or dogs are not overweighted or under weighted. Visit a vet to help you decipher that and possibly what nutrients can improve any of the above situations if it occurs as it may be detrimental to your dog or may not produce desired effect. Female dogs according to studies have shown higher tendencies to breed, and conceive, than the male counterpart once they stay at healthy weights. Poorly weighted dogs may develop one of two problems misconception or too weak to carry its puppies till delivery.

How to make your dogs mate successfully
A man making his dog exercise before mating

Regular and adequate exercises are ultimately essential for dogs, to help them maintain good health and stay agile not just for mating purposes but general wellness. Exercising your dogs as well as the potential mate improves its effectiveness and consciousness to heat periods and general mating performance. Dogs that are huge or bigger may need more exercises than smaller frames. Cleanliness may not be a straight complain by your dog but it may be a good teaser to its significant other just like in the case of humans.

Know their heat periods. Having a dog or dogs means signing up for an information or two about it. Especially reproduction, it is essential to keep tab of their heat periods. Research says, female dogs have a natural reproductive cycle characterized by a bloody discharge coming from the dog’s vulva which may be really light at first.

Prior introduction of dogs who aren’t familiar with themselves is necessary, let them familiarize with each other before the mating day else it may be impossible to get them to mate or perhaps frustrating.

Also, it is usually safe to ignore mating your female dogs in the first heat period signs and best to hold off until your female dog turns 2 years before mating commences.

On days 9,11,and 13 of their heat periods female dogs are usually more fertile for mating.

Serenity : The most likely place for dogs to mate is an area with very little or no loud noise. Here, they can mate naturally without being startled or interrupted as these may cut off the process automatically.

Your Dogs may need your help, especially your inexperienced male dogs, they just may be confused on how best to go about inserting their penis in the females vulva. You could technically guide with that, that does not mean you watch them while at it.

Give them some privacy, best mate places for dogs should be spacious and a bit shady. Eg a garage, basement etc are relatively good areas to place your dogs

Confining the female dog to a cage for at least thirty minutes after she mates may be necessary. This is to help prevent urination, as this will help with conception. Also, ensure your male dog penis retracts after mating. In most cases, it will retract naturally after half hour.

The above tips are generally selected to be helpful for every breed of dogs.

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