How To Read An Egg Cleanse Outlined In Steps

An egg cleanse could be just the ritual that you need to come off a negative feeling that may have hovered around you for a while and of course return you to the usual optimistic you, everyone knows you to be.

Though, an egg cleanse have a shamanic origin, and most Mexicans can attest to it. Yet, it is believed to work for anyone who can perform it right and cleanse their soul, spirit and body from every plaguing negativity bothering them. So, are you looking for something to rid you or your loved one of that bad energy they’ve got going, you might want to try out an egg cleanse ritual. In this article we’d guide you through with steps on how to perform the ritual successfully and achieve desired results.


What is An Egg Cleanse?

An egg cleanse is a ritual carried out by an individual to expel all negative spiritual energy using one raw egg to roll all over your body, but not necessarily touching it, to absorb and expel all negative energies.

This egg cleansing ritual can be found in places such as Greece, Scotland, Mexico and Mesoamerica. Where people use egg cleanses to expel toxic negative energies that might be overweighing them or their loved ones. Yes, claims are that it can cure just about anything that is wrong with a person. It is otherwise referred to by Mexicans as “limpia de los huevos”,

What does it mean to Read an Egg cleanse

This refer to the ability to fully interpret the egg cleansing ritual results appropriately. Though, this can only be done after the ghost cleansing process is completed.


How to Perform an Egg Cleanse Ritual

What You Need

  • Water
  • Egg
  • Salt
  • Lemon juice
  • Glass

Cleanse the egg by placing it in water of some salt and lemon juice and wash it gently, to rid of any negative energy it might have collected.

Pray in your own intuition against e.g curses, attacks etc as you wash the egg, then rinse off the egg in clean water, and dry it with a towel gently.

Next, Fill a glass almost to the brink with water, that is of room-temperature. You can let the water warm up to room temperature if it’s too cold or iced a few minutes before you begin your egg cleanse process.

Next, pick up the egg with your hands and blow then speak intently onto the egg, like you would if it had ears literally, listing out any negative energy you’d like to get rid of with the cleanse.

Read An Egg Cleanse Outlined
NOT intentionally broken. Found on the street randomly while passing by.

Once you have completed that, take a comfortable position and begin to run the egg over your head, ears, and face.
Rub the egg along the back of your head, then move it around your ears and your face. Remember your arms as you go, also the egg does not need to be in physical contact necessarily except you choose to. Do this, for every part of your body, release significantly every toxicity from your body into the eggs. You can meditate while on it but If the egg cracks or breaks while on the cleansing, start afresh with a new egg. Do the same for a second party.


After completing the last step successfully, you will have to deliberately crack the egg into the room temperature glass of water. Then, leave it for about 10ninutes, before you proceed to read your results.

This is meant to tell you how much bad energy you were experiencing and what caused your toxic symptoms.

How to Read an Egg Cleanse

To properly read the results, you are expected to do the following:

Look straight through the glass, not above or down into it. If you do, you may reabsorb and contract the bad energy that went into the egg back into your body.
To read the egg cleanse results appropriately consider closely

  • The shape of the yolk.
  • The shape of the egg whites
  • The color of the water.

If you observed a cloudy water, it means there is a loss of the soul or energy.

If the Egg yolk has a face shape, it means you have an enemy, and If the face looks thinner then the enemy is male but if the face looks a lot rounder then the enemy is female.

If you observe small spots of blood in the water as you look through the glass. It means ill luck and could’ve been caused by witchcraftcy.

If it has Needle-like or spikes, people maybe around you with bad intentions draining your positive energy.

While cobwebs in the egg albumen(white part), connotes jealousy or in you are in a fix and complex situation.

Small bubbles in the water, shows that the negative energy was absorbed by guardian spirits.

If you observe the yolk and it looks like an eye, this means there is an evil eye.

Clear water without abnormal shapes, scents, and blood, means that there is nothing unnatural happening around you. You are safe.


What to do with the Egg Cleanse after reading it

Throw the egg and the water into the trash or have it flushed down the toilet.

Claimed benefits of Egg Cleanse

  • Purge evil, bad vibes and bad luck.
  • Cure diseases and illnesses.
  • Rid one of toxic energy
  • Detect unnatural ill lucks.
  • Reveals an enemy

Believing if the egg cleanse ritual actually will work, is entirely up to you. But, we advice you shouldn’t expect so much from an egg. You can perhaps opt for more potent result like being religious and having a true spiritual faith.

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