How To Speak English Flawlessly

Do you think your English is poor and you just so badly look to improve it just so you could measure up with your friends? Or do you usually quit associating or even speaking in a public gathering even when you have great opinions you would like to share, all because you are uncertain how you will be viewed by your colleagues? You really do not have to feel any less of yourself just because your English isn’t fluent. It might interest you to know that English is difficult for everyone and even the persons who speak fluently did that painstakingly. This means that you too can get better and maybe even begin to speak flawlessly and this article is dedicated to showing you how.


The following steps can set you in the right direction, they include:

Be Ready and Willing

This is the first step to improving your English and basically do anything else, if you are ready and willing to learn them. They are no short cuts to true improvement than readiness and willingness, once you have made up your mind to learn how to speak better. You indirectly prepare your mind to do what it takes to get your desired results. This makes learning a lot easier and effective even when it may get difficult or discouraging along the way.

Speak by Speaking

Speaking English is like speaking any other language, you cannot get better without practice. You just have to learn to speak out, speak, speak and speak. By speaking you begin to build your confidence level and it allows you to explore instead of shying than shy away. At times you may even need to imitate the way an unfamiliar word is pronounced and repeat it often, this works especially when you begin making sentences with it. Research show that imitation is one of the best ways to rapidly learn language skills. Listening to others and repeating what they say and how they say it is powerful and very effective in recording progress.

How To Speak English Flawlessly
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Speak Less of your native language

Some persons say they want to get better at speaking English but all they use when communicating with other people is their native language. No doubt speaking your native language is great but continually speaking it when you look to improve your English is almost impossible. Therefore, you have to reduce or consciously attempt to quit for a while, replacing all you normally would say in your native tongue with new English words.


Listen to others as much as you speak

Yes, it is true we recommend speaking but that does mot imply careless speaking. As much as you speak, you have to train yourself to be a good listener too. By listening, you develop your intonations, pick sounds and new words

Listen/Watch good Music and Movies

Music and movies are great source of improving how you speak English. This is because good music most likely have good lyrics and singing along can improve the way you speak effortlessly. Movies work the same way, only that it involves visual display. In movies, you can literally see the lip movement of the person speaking and that is something you could repeat, look up as well as apply to your vocabulary

Surround Yourself With People Who Speak English

This is a deliberate move, while you look to improve you need to surround yourself with persons who enjoy communicating in English as though it were their mother tongue, These set of friends will motivate you to learn faster and hanging out with them will have an influence on you.


Read Aloud

This reminds me of a personal experience with a little girl, sometime ago when I coached as an home lesson teacher. She would usually read the words almost in a whisper, it was of course difficult to tell if she read them right. Then, I told her she was right even when I barely heard a word but that she had to be more audible. When she learnt to be confident, she read better and I could give corrections where she erred. This implies that reading out loud is necessary to speak English flawlessly, as it will enable someone offer assistance where you need one and it will improve your confidence as you listen to yourself reading. Hear yourself. Listen to how English sounds when you speak it, you could even go as far as recording yourself while reading simple texts. This will help you keep track of your progress in the future and see how fantastic your progress has been!

Use technology

Technology have come a long way in recent years and there are several platforms, applications and courses that could guide you on how to speak English flawlessly even while surfing through your phone or computer. Also, if your phone is set in a language you are comfortable with, you may want to switch it to English so while you surf through simple commands you learn as well.

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