How To Stay Tranquil through Stormy Times

We live in a sea of problems, that is for sure. Daily we meet a few more, and sometimes we summounts some but either ways they never go away completely despite all we try. For this reason, you might sometimes allow your mind wander off to a scene where, a person strays and completely isolates himself from the world and its inevitable or unending problems. Did it sound right to you? Well, let’s say it did, and you successfully got away. Do you think you are finally safe, finally free from the stormy times? Again, your guess is as good as mine, you will still need the five life essentials as human which involves- air, water, food, shelter, and clothing, Therefore as long as those are concerned you cannot truly be without problems. Yet, the ability to stay tranquil through them is a superpower in its own category. This could probably be why, not everyone possesses it.

But, the crux of the matter isn’t about the problems since we definitely cannot drive them away yet the crux would lie in our ability to stay tranquil even in the midst of these storms (problems). It is always adviced to stress over what we can control and not what we can’t. In this case, we might not necessarily have control over stormy times but we can control the way we navigate our boats (our thoughts and actions) through them.

Here are a few a measures to adopt, to stay tranquil through stormy times

Find Your Inner Peace

Inner peace in this light could simply be regarded as that point you are not in conflict with anyone, anything or yourself. You are simply at harmony with everything including the circumstances you may be facing because you try do not worry about them. Even at a point when you have attended the peak of society’s social ladder you may still battle with unhappiness and thi proves that your wealth cannot solve them. Hence, you will need to come to a point of inner peace within yourself. To acquire this, works differently for different persons, it could be in very simple acts of kindness, in acts of selfless service, embracing nature, probably even just confessing a feeling to a love one without expecting anything in return or perhaps admitting you were wrong, or in the ambience of some soft soul music with the lights turned down.

Limit your Convictions and Conclusions

Thinking in absolutes and holding to convictions without ever considering the viewpoints and perspectives of others is a sure way to live a life void of tranquility. This is an extreme way of feeling right and all knowledgeable and possibly flawless. A really terrible way of living as it destroys both your peace of mind and personal relationship with others and leaves you an island and no man is an island. It’s best to be open minded and learn, unlearn and relearn wherever and whenever, this is an approach than can keep you tranquil through stormy times and will help you grow as a person.

Seek love

Love they say is a beautiful thing. It is best to relate and ultimately communicate with people on the platform of love than self will or selfish interest. That is to say, instead of pitching your idea, your reality and what you want to others and sound controlling or put them in a difficult spot of unnecessary choice. It is best to approach them tenderly, understanding that a human being seeks both to be loved and respected when approached even for corrections. This will earn you both even when laced with storms of life as in most cases those who you shared these with will show support through that crisis.

Always Forgive

If it happens that you get hurt by someone either physically or mentally, hold your self from immediate revenge sometimes even in the face an unapologetic or unrepentant foe. Stop and think twice, this reflection will broaden your understanding of peace. Do not revenge. Learn to embrace the present, discard the past as much as possible, it most usually only hurts and robs you of tranquility. Forgive easily and learn to forgive yourself too because it will let you enjoy life again.

Be tolerant

To achieve tranquility in stormy times require you to be tolerant, we know its easier said than done but you need to stay tolerant as well as act it no matter how difficult. Always keep this close, most things are only difficult at the start but you will be amazed how easy it really is as you practise it. Learn to tolerate others, their attitude, mindset, opinions, reactions and outburst. This on its own will help us reduce discrimination, and ultimately violence therefore fostering value and coexistence among people allowing us to lend a helping hand and receive same when we are faced with storms

Be the change you wish to see in the World

“Change” it begins with me and you. Change begins with your acceptance of what the present is and seeking a way to make a little alteration for the better. So it’s begins on your inside, your thoughts, speeches, actions and especially inactions. In seeking to protect and care for others interests like you would yours rather than harm or be self centered. You and I can make the world a better place if we so desire and overcome the stormy times life throws at us.

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