How To Support Small Businesses to Attain Maximum Growth with No Cost

Small businesses just like many large scale businesses have likewise apparently suffered a grave hit since the world got hit by the pandemic. Though, on the contrary for some weird reasons some people have nursed the idea that small businesses are little or perhaps unaffected by the covid-19 virus and that perhaps if at all they are affected, the impact is mild. This might be from the presumed GDP of most small businesses which are usually accumulated for about a few thousands compared to their large scale counterparts. But it might, interest you to know that most small scale businesses have had the worse impacts in these times, some of had to be completely folded up, while others have had to seek for grants and other forms of financial help from both financial institutions, goverments and other legal bodies to start afresh or salvage what is left of their business and still thrive.

How then can you support small businesses (Financially and Non-Financially) – to make profit and ultimately attain maximize growth

Patronize Local Products

For reasons uncertain people have some stereotypes that disallows or limits them to patronize locally made products especially in developing countries yet somehow they expect growth from that sector in a country. Small businesses will ultimately expand with religious patronage. Practically, whenever you intend to purchase a product or service before considering any option whatsoever, first consider if that product or service is offered locally, and where at what locations rank best for that service and at what cost. Many atimes local products are less expensive and offer amazing services and a range of options at affordable prices and gives you a chance for face value.


One way to effectively help the growth of Small businesses is by referrals. Refer, Refer, and refer them to family, friends, cooperate bodies and other social space. It doesn’t have to stop within local referrals, it could expand if small business owners get to have patronage from international clients. These doesn’t just give them profit but market their skills to other places of the world.

Social Media Engagements

Currently digital marketing is a huge platform to get known and reach larger audiences both locally and internationally. Support Small business owners on these social spaces by liking their pages, tagging persons who who are in search of similar or have interest in such products and service. Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn are great choices for digital marketing and it is easy to to make purchases. Social media engagements are free. Give them generously, while more businesses go digital and need to build client base, ‘liking’, commenting, reposting, and tagging small business in purchases helps with engagement, which, in turn, promote more visibility and sale. Also small business pages, can further be supported by leaving positive product reviews, photos generously of purchases, and don’t forget to tag the businesses and any special discount or treat you enjoyed on your business with them.

Be Charitable

You can double the effect of philanthropic efforts by involving small businesses whenever possible. Order meals for essential workers from independent restaurants. Shop local when buying for clothing drives. And even if it’s a bit more expensive, purchase from local markets for food drives.

Be Loyal

Loyalty is important to small businesses especially those offering services like hair saloons, restaurants, carpentry or furniture making and the likes, had particularly been affected by the pandemic since they are among the trickiest to reopen, you could be more some generous and offer tippings for the ones that are open.

Share growth and useful ideas with local business organizations at little or no charge

Offer your Skills and expertise to small businesses, show or provide professional advice and help on how they could improve their profits and sales by doing what better, with little or no charge.

Send and Buy gift cards and encourage them to buy for someone else

Do not hold back if you can support, send a gift card of about $5 to a friend or friends. Gift cards have a way of giving hope and life to small businesses as well as supports them to sort some financial lapses in their business.

“If every customer purchased a $10 gift card to give to a friend that didn’t have any prior awareness of the business before, that person who received the gift card is more likely to purchase at least one time, then depending on their experience and satisfaction, become a repeat customer over time,” says Latrice Love, founder of the vegan beauty brand Liplove. “This can create a ripple effect on customer acquisition and retention over time.”

Refill booze/hand sanitizer from local distilleries

Since we now live in a new world where hand sanitizers is needful and sold at just about everywhere, various distilleries have stepped up to meet the demand. Therefore, look up a local distillery to see if they could refill booze and hand sanitizers for you.

Sign up for your local and small business newsletters. Stay up-to-date on the latest products and services from the locales by signing up and subscribing to their newsletter offering and patronize especially if they’re bookstores, give your full support however you can.

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