How Well Can You Do It?

How well can I do what? I’m sure for a good number of persons, the first thing that popped in your mind is the question above.

Fair enough, I’d respond. Simply how well can you do what you do?

What is that one thing you do so excellently well? That one thing that you don’t struggle at, that one thing that makes you feel exceptional even in a crowd, yes that one thing that when you are on it, you feel a high level of intense satisfaction and most often get accolades for it.


Now, have you ever met someone at some point who does that one special thing you could probably brag about or perhaps even feel like the best in the room on, who does it even better and more stylish than you do?

Well, that’s the crux of this piece. You just read on to know what it entails.

How well you do it matters but not to undermine your efforts or to sing too loudly your praise but too help you get better and better daily on that talent or skill.

How well

A quick illustration, Hudson is the best piano player among his musical team and for some seemingly unknown reason a misunderstanding breaks out between his team members. He is at fault but quickly walks away from them, knowing too well they’d come looking for him, they have got no one else on this contest if they must stand a chance.

He’s right, Troy crooses his path just at the walk way and apologizes on behalf of the rest of the team but he dismisses Troy abruptly demanding the team should tender a proper apology.

Forty eight hours roll by, nothing from his team mates. Just then, he spots El. El, is in the company of a new guy. He wonders who the new guy is but says nothing to them.

It’s the D-day, he’d joined a new team, made new friends and he’d figured the new guy with his ex team is Craig. He hasn’t heard him play but the rumors do not give him much credit, so he’s certain he doesn’t stand a chance.

How well

“Hilltop High, you’re next” he hurries to catch up with his team who’s just been announced, and they deliver an audience clapping performance. Just before the pistis is called upon.


They all file in, looking weird in their costumes but spontaneously, they caught the audience clapping at the first five seconds with the moves displayed that rids them of their original costumes leaving them too adorable to be real.

At the end of their awestrucking performance, the audience weren’t just clapping or standing but everyone seemed to clamor for a picture of this crew.

Then it dawned on him, Craig was better, and an absolute replacement too, he never met anyone so skilled all his life. He too can do it well enough, so well, because he availed himself to trainings and not to the idea in his head that often said he was the best or to the jeering crowd who thought he’s perfect.

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