I Am Enough

Hi there, it may interest you to know this is not one of those numerous motivational piece where you expect to be ready to face any thing that comes knocking heads on like you were created with some super human abilities. No, this isn’t one of those articles you read that castrates you of every ability to feel, to show, to express.

But rather, subtly attempts to condition your mind to be alert, to push, never accept failure, or give up. When clearly you could use a break, you could use some quality time to think, to process, to revaluate, to take a second look at, to weigh those options, to be spot the blackmail, and maybe even to mourn or reminisce.


No, this is different. Yes it is, this is that rare kind of piece. That tells you it’s okay to worry, to doubt, to wish you could have done it better, to make excuses, to jump into conclusions, to grasp and opportunity at first sight without prior thoughts, to be empathetic, to feel clumsy, to give all for love and yet get hurt by it. That it’s okay to make mistakes, to be human in every bit of the word. Yet still be and do enough.

It’s your third time on that track, yet no wins. Your legs don’t seem to pick up with the rounds and your team members are beginning to doubt your strengths and abilities in the finals? They forgot so soon, you were their saving grace last season, as a result sustained a sprain yet to fully heal, your coach benches you but that’s okay you say, you do enough.

i am enough

How about Bisola, everything seems to be answering her at her beck. First was a job after school, shortly after, Tobi happened. Now the couple are blessed with a son, that got her a redeployment letter from her service year since those were got only on marriage and health grounds. In your case the story doesn’t measure up, you say. Perhaps, you aren’t pretty enough, you aren’t bold enough, or daring enough. Should we tow that lane? Oh yes let’s do it. You graduated with a second class upper, you got two jobs after two years of waiting and you had to choose. Oh, you are furthering your studies abroad. That’s something, a good phase, others will come. You’re enough.

Yes, there’s Dan. Still struggling from hand to mouth. What’s weird is, he stays at it, never quitting or doubting. He still wields that smile, he is undaunted, his eyes still sparks of confidence and hope. It’s been weeks since I last saw him, in that rickety kiosk. I heard some persons say, his artworks finally got exhibited at the iwalewa art gallery, with many prominent characters admiring his works. Probably a rumour, perhaps the kind that has some truth in it. I kept saying silently to self while swapping through channels. “I hope the rumours are true because Dan is enough”. Then my lips parted, Dan was live on Alive Nigeria, his art had truly pushed through and in his exact closing words “I am Dan, I do enough, because I’m Enough, you’re too!”

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