If That Keyboard Could Talk

What came to your mind first on seeing this topic? Keyboards on your phone, I’d bet. If yes then your guess is as good as mine. Then we both know among other kinds of keyboards your phone’s keyboard qualifies most.

The frequency in which an average civilized person assesses their phones, is a stylist lot. According to Wikipedia users check their smartphones an average of 150 times during a waking day of 16 hours. That simply implies that we don’t check on any other keyboard gadgets that many times in a day of 24 hours.

Our computers do not compare, it’s mostly assessed on work hours or research hours by people who have need for it. Similar treatments, go for our musical instruments with a keyboard, that will be the piano usually utilized by a few people, strictly music lovers for entertainment or skill acquisition purposes.

Now to the crux of the matter, if that keyboard could talk what will it say, in your opinion? Will it spare our skin or outrightly divulge it’s bitterness.

I want to believe, it will definitely not praise us for our constant continuous disturbance and distortions of its peace. It will certainly claim its available for us, way more than our family and friends. Sometimes, even more than our spouses or intimate relationships.

We go to it, when we are happy, facing a challenge, need a solace, vent our anger, shield our emotions, clamour for our rights etc. It never complains, yes our keyboard never does. It never grows tired either or does it give up on us, on our excesses. But, what if it was given a chance to really talk? What will it truly say?

Our keyboards know our dirty secrets, weakness, our trashy privy thoughts and ideas, probably our most deeply seated fears and pain, our best strengths it knows us a little too well and yet It is never judgmental. It may just tell be our best counselor, our therapist only if our keyboards could talk.

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