Illicit Drugs, Sex, Money and Murder- (Ataga and Chidinma)

Sex, illicit Drugs, Money and murder are all lifestyles borne out of individual choices. Life is what we make of it and the poplar adage does not lie “as you lay your bed so you lie on it”

The three listed elements above are done out of intent and consciousness mostly by adults within or above the age of 18 and could be arrested and prosecuted if necessary.

Already, it is known that drug intake is harmful to mental, emotional and even physical health. Therefore, it is usually adviced against except under directions from a qualified and licensed physician.

Illicit Drugs

On June 25, the news of one Super TV CEO, Michael Usifo Ataga, being murdered by a 21-year-old lady, Chidinma Adaorah Ojukwu hit the waves.

While many are quick to condemn the 21-year-old Chidinma. It is important to scrutinize very closely the age difference between the murdered and the murderer.

It is also very important to weigh the circumstances that led to the hook up in the first place. Which of course, has a big role to play with a country that has been publicly declared jobless by its president for its graduates.

Illicit Drugs


Chidinma Adaorah Ojukwu must have committed murder but there are way too many reasons behind her action in a society that every young person is head buried in having money by hook or crook.

“Without money, you can still be happy. But the process may take longer and require more effort. Money promotes happiness” were words of Mr. Reno.

Illicit Drugs

“We must understand that our society has now become one where if a man has enough sugar to spread, he will have many daughters and become a sugar father Abraham.

While we are heaping blames, it is best to spell things out as it is and fix the obvious challenges in a nation like ours that may warrant more Chidinmas to go in search of many Atagas all in a bit to have better lives.

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