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Are you one with a thing for solitary living? Yet, you do not like to get bored. Or are you one that enjoys indoor games yet you are tired of the regular ones and out of options to new interesting ones. Then, you are just in time for a well selected list of indoor game ideas that are not just entertaining but brainteasing picked out just for you. Firstly though, indoor games are ideal games for just about all ages and are convenient for almost everybody including persons struggling with health challenges, or aged persons otherwise referred to as seniors.

Indoor games have a number of benefits that helps in keeping body and soul together. Types include:

Board Games

They are numerous kinds of board games that fall into this category, some of which include scrabble, Ludo, chess, monopoly, bingo etc. Board games are of great activity for adults. It’s a great way to interact with others and share sweet memories.

Scrabble – A tiled word game, played among two or more players to challenge each other’s vocabulary skills.

Ludo – It’s the name prevalent in almost all indoor games. Played with two or more players, it has a high rate of calling your friends a “cheater.”

Chess -A timeless classic out of the entire list of indoor games. You become more pro at it with age.

Bingo: It’s a fun-filled and easiest indoor game to play at home. You’ll need a circle of the large or small friend group, whoever you wish to tolerate with more. It’s commonly played among older adults in parks or who attend daycare centres, even at home while inviting your friends. Bingo not only stimulates your mind and makes you happy but also contains various health habits for adults.

Puzzle (Solo) Games: Puzzles are always fun, at childhood or adulthood. Some indoor games are packed to enhance the brain’s problem-solving abilities to keep mental agility for years to come. Puzzles are one of such indoor games. Puzzles are games that could be fully enjoyed by solo playing. Unlike, most indoor games that may require two or more players. Some example of puzzle games include:

Crossword Puzzle – Grab your newspaper, or buy various crossword puzzles for some comforting along with the game. It helps to test vocabulary skills and expand your language skills.

Word Jumbles -Filled with real brain teasers, word jumbles are always an interesting indoor game to spend a boring day.

Word search puzzles – Whether you opt for playing online or on traditional pen and paper format, it’s a fun time-kill indoor game.

Card Games: Card Games are easy to play indoor games, can be played while sitting on chairs or on comfy sofas. Card games can stimulate the brain and help memory loss. When we lack mobility, card games are the go-to for all occasions. They are many card games application as well, that you can play via your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Bridge – A card game known to help keep a sharp mind.

Whot: A card game that is better enjoyed with multiple players.

Solitaire – Popular in all generations, solitaire comes in various interesting variations.

Big Two – A competitive card game, requires smart strategy so be ready to bring your friends into the battleground.

Card games improves cognitive function, relieves stress, and helps with socialisation.

In my suitcase (memory game): In this game, one person lists an object and the next person has to repeat the previous names and then add his or her own, and so on.

Computer Games: These are digital games played on a computer or phone, a good example is Candy Crush saga, temple run, car races, combat etc.

What’s That Saying: This game includes hundreds of well-known sayings. Players are given clue words to figure them out. Be the first to guess the correct saying Playing indoor games of any kind, grant numerous health and mind benefits. It keeps your mind young, active and entertained at the same time

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