It Begins With An Idea 3

Episode Three-“Opportunity Meets Preparation

Behind this mask there is more than just flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea… and ideas are bulletproof.

Alan Moor

He had come to learn that Aliyat, was the youngest daughter to one Alhaji Aliko Umaru, who was known for his many landed property in the East such as the one in Jerome’s view. She was apparently present on supervisory duties but could easily be written off from a distance by an onlooker, because somehow she had her well manicured fingers tangled in dirts and her site supervisory coat was to an extent soiled with concrete dirt a little here and there. She also had the customary white safety helmet meant to identify site supervisors.

She’d briskly work over to where Jerome was dishing the almost empty cooler of his meal and had asked for what the last customer had, looking bit unsure of what soup it was.

Editan, Jerome immediately intervened flashing her a broad smile, and studying her countenance. Ma’am, I’m afraid what’s left may not be enough for one normal round, he apologized.

Oh, that’s alright. I’ll have whatever it is. She pressed, returning a soft gaze. Jerome, proceeded into meeting the young lady’s order who wasn’t even anywhere near hungry. Something about her bragged comfort. Looks, like they enjoy your meal a lot, she started cutting out Jerome’s thoughts. Uhmm.. I.. I guess so. Jerome stuttered trying to summon his senses to the present and I hope you enjoy it too. He said, handing her a well packaged ration.

Oh, yeah I hope I do. Here you go” she said. Handing out a thousand naira note. No ma’am, I can’t take that. The ration, isn’t exactly upto the normal quantity so you just enjoy your meal.

It Begins With An Idea 3

Oh, I see but…

No buts, just enjoy your meal alright? Probably you can pay me in kind if it’s nice

Woah, what’s your name if you don’t mind my asking? She signaled someone, who returned with a seat.

Jerome Philips Ade and you must be Rose. Jerome teased.

Thanks, I guess you meant Rose flower right? Not sure though but I’m Aliyat, friends call me. Aali. “Hey Jerome, what will you say if I linked you up to someone who needs a chef to work with one with skills on native meals to handle a restaurant outside the Nigerian soils with a 50:50% agreement, and all bills sorted?”

Jerome, stood with mouth agape for full two minutes, until Aliyat snapped her fingers at his face. Hey!

Yeah, ye…ah, so..rry. I’m with you and uhmmm I got carried away for a sec. Hope you are not messing with me ma’am, if you’re legit, I mean this is legit my answer is yes, yes, yessssssssss, no second thoughts Miss Aali.

My word is my bond, Jerome. I didn’t plan on eating at first, I just wanted to be sure what my workers ramble about and your meal was worth the hype, I loved it and I think you deserve this.

Moral Lesson?
Had Jerome not attempted to give a shoot at his idea and gave up. He probably would still be in same position. This is what happens when opportunity meets preparation.

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