Kitchen hacks with power you need to save the day

Kitchen hacks as the name implies is certainly to make the kitchen and entire culinary experience pleasurable or at least very easy since the kitchen may be very dreadful to some persons.

How about I asked, are you a huge fan of the kitchen, probably not necessarily that you cook but you stick around or do you just happen to get involved into the real act one way or another, or probably you are just one that have a knack for trying out ideas you learn. Well, this is for you.

After a couple of research and of course a few personal experiences in the kitchen. I could agree with the following kitchen hacks, hopefully you will too.

  1. Peel potatoes without using a knife
    Just toss potatoes into a boiler for a few minutes, then wash in cold water, the foil will separate from the potatoes, you just pick it off.
  1. Storing a cut onion
    You may have probably cut off the part of an onion you want to use, instead of just keeping it back in the tray. Tie it up in a paper bag or better still cover it face down. This helps to prevent the cut onion from absorbing toxic substance within the atmosphere before re-use.

3. Enhance bananas durability
You don’t have to necessarily place it in the refrigerator, wrap the end of the bunch with plastic wrap, and if done separately it lasts longer.

4. Food coverage
Surprisingly, this is a somewhat difficult task even when pot have lids. Cover leftover meals with a clean cap(shower caps) new ones recommendedly to prevent air particles from turning food stale.

5. Are your eggs still edible?
Well, your eyes and nose may not fully detect this. Here’s how,
Note: this works if you will need to use them immediately, place uncooked eggs in a bowl of cold water. If it sinks to the bottom you are safe.


6. Unclad eggshells easier
Peel immediately in cold water after boiling even faster add baking soda or vinegar to water when boiling eggs, yes it works fast.

  1. Speed up ripening
    Tie up your bunch of Plantain or oranges in a cellophane bag for a few days and watch the result.
Kitchen hacks
Lady crying while chopping onion, needs a kitchen hack?

8. Prevent onions from evoking a tear
Place a piece of bread in your mouth (partially sticking out) to absorb the emitted gas before it gets to the eyes or you may have to use this hack if you don’t intend to use the onion right away. Refrigerate onion before slicing.

Give it a try, we will love to hear from you right after.

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