Know Your Roots

Families, they say are like a fortress. Mostly sweet, though we have some uncaring ones. I think it’s safe to say we all have a little crazy in our families; that’s what makes them so bonding, even if they can drive a person nuts. Every family, no matter how big, small or close you may be, has that relative that feels like an alien, like you just may never like or believe they’re family.

Not all families share proximity to each other, some are completely bizarre and awkward. So when family reunions come around for any whatsoever, one may feel like they’re walking into a roomful of strangers or at worse a trap. Bringing together people together from all areas of the world or all walks of life are usually very tasking and almost impossible. Some of us even dread it. But, in the end, so many of us feel a need to know where we came from.

Sometimes we hear tales from our childhood that when we gradually approach adulthood we tend to want feel a spur to dig deeper into that story something you barely understood when you were a kid. At times this we do to distinguish fact from fiction.

Most of us in the African countries have no family history book. We just learn from a few aged ones if we have them still alive and in a condition to be verbal. Some we never know except through serious research or hearsays. This sometimes can be very disturbing when there’s no clarification.

A personal story will be one that has to do with my family in which the older daughter is expected to be first married off before the second or others that follow her and seems to be otherwise very difficult to swap the order if it tilts otherwise.

As we get older, we realize the impact of where we came from. Sometimes it can connect us in a way to our past that we never knew we were missing. There is a sense of pride in hearing about our ancestors and families and what they went through. This is why it is so important to know our roots and at times to eat our roots too.

Though civilization has crept hugely in to the world today, yet it still feels very necessary that we know our roots, for reasons such as

A sense of belonging and identification
A family health history
An idea of tradition and a bit to regulate taciturn ones
A treasure to be passed to our future generations
A need to stay remembered after we’re long gone

So, do you now agree with me on why you should know your roots?
Drop your thoughts in the comment session.

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