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Lost in Space Season 1-3 Comprehensive Review

Lost in Space is a Sci-Fi movie genre, that has somehow managed to replicate the movie title in real time-having kept us “lost in Update” for two years since its last seasonal production. This clearly isn’t a very cool step for both the team and its fans, but looks like they are found now, and so are we. Though die-hard fans of the series may still have the previous seasons fresh in their memories like it were yesterday, many would need a detailed recap, and we’ve got you including new fans, who now have a rare privilege of watching the entire series at a stretch, without having to go through similar frictions and left in the clouds like the rest of us.


Lost in Space Season 1- Review

The series begin with a group of persons(The Robinsons) on the way to a space colony, but are intercepted by an unforeseen chaos from a crash, sending them completely toward an unexpected or known planet. Now, there, they figure they chances of getting out were slim but perhaps eventually but what was most important at that moment was finding a survival strategy for the night. Then coincidentally, there is another crash bringing new guests to the planet while the Robinsons work tooth and nail to salvage what’s left of their ship receiving assistance from a stranger. From flashbacks in about the third episode we are intimated about Dr. Smith’s life in the past, and there is a short fuel supply on the Robinson’s ship which poses another threat, the only choice that seemed potent at the time is to get in touch with another family of survivors. Together, the team builds a tower to signal the Resolute, Will races to offer Judy his friend protection, as well as have a serious talk with his dad but Maureen keeps tab on a planetary anomaly and she sees something disturbing but isn’t sure if to share with the others. Finding fuel is Don’s responsibility and scenes show some robotic presence that instills tension within the group. Dr. Smith doesn’t seem to be done being shady and attempts a secret project, there is a scene of seismic action causing grave havoc across the planet and the teams involved must face almost impossible choices. At some point, in the midst of all this darkness, there is a glimpse of hope as Maureen finds a solution to the fuel issue, but her plan now in action, gets more complex than she had envisioned, she is lost and things just keep spiralling in various directions and the clock ticks announcing departure with the Robinsons scrambling to get off the planet.


Lost in Space Season 2 – Review

Second season of Lost in Space centred around engines and robotic beings, bound against all odds to rescue their kind no matter where or what, a huge lesson for the colonists. Maureen and John Robinson finally learns that the colony ship “Resolute” was able to jump back and forth between Earth and Alpha Centauri because of an alien engine and robot pilot codenamed Scarecrow. A robot that Will’s Robot have been hell bent on rescuing and had prompted its boarding the ship. In order to survive the attack of a ship full of robots, the colonists had to make a tough call, Judy Robinson had to lead all 97 of the colonists’ kids to board a Jupiter with Robot and an engine.

They jumped to safety, all because of Scarecrow and Dr. Smith’s sacrifice thoughwe are uncertain of shady Smith’s death. Now milesa away from their kids and lost in space with no engine to get them to the colony. It turns out that instead of following the beacon to the colony, it demands to follow another artificial signal, one coming from the spaceship Fortuna. Fortuna had been missing for about 20 years was considered lost by everyone, though it was captained by Grant Kell, Judy Robinson’s biological father.

This brings question is there a possibility that Grant Kelly is alive? Is Dr. Smith and scarecrow alive? And will these paents ever reunite with their kids and all make it to Alpha Centauri?

Lost In Space Season 3 – Review

In this new long awaited finale season – eight episodes screenplay of Lost In Space, the narrative hovers around the conflict between the human would-be colonists and the army of alien robots still chasing them across the galaxy. Again, the human characters have their eyes and mind focused on survival, from an opponent with an higher edge of tech advantage, the humans seem to channel all that is within their jurisdiction to evade them, other than fight them and without bringing these alien along with them to Alpha Centauri.

Characters are shuffled to give each relationship an opportunity at closure and Judy finally gets hers, learning the fate of her biological father, which contextually gives her a good picture of the effect she’s had on her mom, Penny finds entangled in a love-triangle with ex-Vijay.

The season projects uncertainties and provokes a feeling of spontaneity of action at any time, probably to a fault. The final episode alone has three such twists and ends with an attempt to give every lead character their own moment of triumph.

While the series adds a fictional disaster to accelerate the environmental decline of our planet, it’s still a fantasy about leaving behind a dying Earth rather than saving it, a fantasy that is unfortunately shared by the very few people alive who are equipped to decide all of our fates.

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