Love is a beautiful thing

I do not expect everyone reading this to agree with this phrase so I am going to to be as practical as possible in this article about that four lettered word “love”.

Do you look around you? I mean do you ever take a few minutes to intensely look around you? Away from all your shitty desires and problems, away from the disappointments of the week, away from failures you stack up in your head?

Yes, love! Do you look in a mother’s eyes when holding her baby, do you look in children’s eyes when playing together, do you look in a couples eye when friends are gone and all they have is themselves. Do you look at the litter of people at the beach, how their faces lit up when they laugh. Lastly, do you look at yourself, the favours you have been shown.


Love isn’t just a feeling between two persons, it is more. It is a feeling that keeps the world in place, across races, and geographical differences. Though, it exists romantically between two persons that will be just a part to what love truly entails.

Love between couples, however beautiful may necessarily not end in wedlock but never doubt the extent love can go. Never doubt the sacrifices it could make for the one it loves.

To further portray how beautiful love is, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton tied the knot over the weekend. The couple exchanged vows at Shelton’s Oklahoma ranch, according to “CBS ” co-host Gayle King. 

Stefani on Monday shared photos of the ceremony on the gram. “July 3rd 2021 dreams do come true !!!,” the singer wrote.

Blakes Shelton and Gwen Stefani (the love birds) embrace after a performance in Nevada

And what matters to me is just the human being that she is on the inside and Gwen has a way of looking at life in a way that I have never experienced in anybody — her point of view. She always says she doesn’t understand what I mean, but she has a way of looking at a person’s situation from every angle and she’s the most understanding, kind-hearted person I’ve ever met,” Shelton said. “I learn something from her everyday.”

From the above illustration, we can come close to believing in the potency and rare beauty of love not just from the duo Shelton and Stefani but from the fact that we all at a point in our lives have tasted it.

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