Medium Blue – Different Shades Of Medium Blue

Discover the different shades of medium blue and what they mean for you.

Blue is a universal color preferred by both men and women. There are different shades of blue, most popular being the medium blue. Blue is generally a color that represents authority and calmness.

Follow us on this article as we discover the different shades of medium blue and their significance.

About Medium Blue

A medium blue is a blue color that has a high contrast with both White and black background. It’s a cool colour that symbolizes confidence and a feel of great importance.


It’s not pastel blue or light blue,but has a ting of fresh, spring – like quality with a touch of childlike playfulness.

medium blue
Medium Blue

Color keyword – SVG

Hex code – Hex#0000CD

RGB – 0,0,205

Browser safe colour – No

Medium blue is natural, calming and cool. They are very colourful and beautiful if you wear them. They don’t grab attention because blue is a pervasive color in nature.

Most well known blue colours are medium blue because medium blues are close to pure blue. People create other shades of blue colours by tinting with white, black, it any other colour. Also there are brightest blues closer to a pure hue of blue, medium blue is commonly tinted with other colours.

Other shades of Medium Blue

Bright Blue

medium blue

Pure bright blue is not dark blue or even light blue, it’s somewhere in the middle. So we can refer to it as medium blue. The color keyword is CSS/SVG, and it’s a year round universal color.

Hex code -Hex#0000FF

RGB – 0,0,255, it’s a browser safe color.


Royal Blue

medium blue

Roya blue got it’s name when the King of England George lll needed a color with strong impact to express royalty. Several clothiers came up with different colors, but Scutts Bridge came up with color blue. When Queen Charlotte wore her blue robe, it was beautiful and today this shade of blue is known as Royal blue.

In modern day, royal blue is soothing, peaceful, and suggests richness. It’s color keyword is SVG.

Hex code – Hex#4169EI

RGB – 65,105,255.

Steel Blue

medium blue

Steel blue is bluer than cadet blue, with color keyword SVG steel blue. It is slightly brighter blue gray color with a subtle shade of corporate blue.


Cadet Blue

medium blue

This shade of medium blue suggests authority, stability,storminess. Its color keyword is SVG cadet blue. It has a grayish tint and always described as blue gray.

Hex code – Hex#5F9EA0

RGB – 0,127,255.

Azure Blue

medium blue

Azure blue is a shade of medium blue that falls between cyan and blue in the color wheel. It symbolizes nature,calmness, stability and richness.

Hex code – Hex #007FFF

RGB – 0,127,255.

Dodger Blue

medium blue

With a color keyword SVG dodger Blue. It should not be mistaken for the blue of dodger uniforms,this shade is slightly different.

Hex code – Hex#IE90FF

RGB – 30,144,255

Deep Sky Blue

medium blue

This shade represents one of the many shades of sky blue. It symbolizes peace, confidence and nature.

Hex code – Hex #00BFFF

RGB – 0,19,255. It is not a browser safe color but can be matched with #0099FF.

Peacock Blue

medium blue

Peacock Blue is named after the shades of blue color found in the wings of a peacock. It is slightly grayer than other medium blue shades. It symbolizes nature, calmness, richness, and stability.

Hex code – Hex #33A1C9

RGB- 51,161,201.


Cornflower blue

medium blue

Cornflower blue is the medium blue of Azure variant named after the cornflower. It symbolizes calmness and peace.

Azure (UN blue)

medium blue

This type of medium blue is between cyan and blue on the color wheel. It is named UN blue because it’s used by the United Nations. It symbolizes security and authority.

There you have it the different shades of medium blue.

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