Mentorship, How Effective For Me?

Before we get right on this bumpy express, let’s be sure our seatbelt are fastened.

-Ever been mentored?

-On a scale of 1-10, rate your relationship with your mentor 

-How did you choose your mentor? 

-What qualities did you consider? 

-How long did it last? 

-Do you think you would have the results you had without his/her mentorship and give reasons for your response?

-Do you think mentoring is vital and should be encouraged?

-If ever you were to choose a learning experience, will you insist on mentorship?


Hey! Did you answer all those genuinely? Preferably with a writing material. Mentorship is simply a guide from an experienced person or a professional to an inexperienced but willing individual over certain things.

Is it really necessary? It is important not particularly necessary based on what you need one for. Quality mentoring greatly enhances students’ chances for success. 


What to look out for in mentorship include:

-Relevant Expertise or Knowledge

-Enthusiasm for Sharing That Expertise

-A Respectful Attitude

-Eagerness to Invest in Others

-The Ability to Give Honest and Direct Feedback

-Reflective Listening and Empathy

-Willingness to Be a Sponsor

Who needs Mentoring? Everyone, young, old, everyone does. 

Now, you may want to alight with this “Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.”

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