Microsoft’s early Launch of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer

November 15, 2021 finally happens to be the date that affirms the long rumored tales about the idea that Microsoft is going to creep in on everything one a huge surprise to mark their 20th Anniversary. The launch of Halo Infinite’s free multiplayer component and of Xbox showcase later today at 10 AM PT/1 PM ET.

Yes, the plan had been to launch Halo Infinite multiplayer as a surprise today. ”The latest information is that there was some sort of last detail that required a huge chunk of 343 to work the weekend to fix. According to a number of sources, Microsoft have been bent on maki this happen and it seem to have come just at the nick of time and that Halo multiplayer should go live today as was the original “surprise” plan.

For a bit of context, the game was originally meant to be a killer app for the Xbox Series X and was going to launch alongside Microsoft’s console in November 2020. Following a less-than-stellar response to its E3 preview, however due to being lower than public expectations, it was by a year plus, so the team at 343 Industries could do better and give the public something worth the wait.

It wasn’t until Gamescom 2021 that a new release date for the first-person shooter (FPS) was revealed. During the conference, gamers learned that the Halo Infinite experience would be split into two – with its online multiplayer being distributed separately to the campaign as a free-to-play title – and that both halves were launching simultaneously on December 8. Now, we have reasons to believe with the evidence online, that people are beginning to wonder if that might not the case anymore and some are convinced that Halo Infinite’s multiplayer component is releasing early.

Also there is a special Xbox livestream taking place on the 15th of November and it might an ideal opportunity for Halo’s Infinite’s launch too as well as a date with a great significance for the brand.

Meanwhile, because Halo Infinite’s single player campaign is a separate product, it is possible that it may be adjourned to be live on its set launch date – December 8. The multiplayer component was always going to be free to play, so retailers like GameStop won’t be stocking it anyway. As such, an early release won’t negatively affect them or interfere with their distribution plans in any way.

At the time of writing, both the single player and multiplayer portions of Halo Infinite are officially scheduled for release on December 8.

They will be available as part of the Xbox Game Pass service at launch.

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