My Cover Story Dreams

Have you ever sighted a magazine that at first glance, you wished that you were the face that made it cover pages instead of whoever the model was?

How about being mesmerized by the blend in colours or the feel of the pages of your favourite magazine? It may shock and equally interest you to know that you are not alone. They are a handful of persons like you, wishing they too could feature in that type of cover page.


Being a Nigerian, I have had the opportunity to access a good variety of magazines and if I were to be in the cover story of any. I will opt for the most popular, the best that covers fashion, lifestyle, trendy stories, and of course entertainment and every spicy detail in between Pulse NG has all of those juicy details and more.

This magazine is a wide combination of trends, news, lifestyle, and fashion. t ranks second in Nigeria but in the eyes of those like me it comes first on the list. Pulse.NG has become a household name for many families in the country due to its flexibility and very intentional measures to create contents that is relatable and relevant in today’s society.

This magazine also offers interviews and one-on-one talk with celebrities keeping it consumers up to date with the latest happenings in the fashion world and even a bit on their favourite celebrities.


Asides, having a photo of me so gracefully displayed on Pulse.NG cover page as one of my biggest fantasies. I will also consider it a rare privilege to have at least one of my articles grace their beautiful pages, and digested by many minds within and outside the country.

So there, it’s out of the bag. “My cover story dream” what is yours?

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