My First Encounter With Politics

This is frankly a little impossible to truly date. I think politics have always been a part of me like everyone else since when I was a kid. It may have come in other names we couldn’t identify as politics proper. During my childhood days, it was termed social studies, current affairs and the likes. When I got to my teens, it was termed government and history. Then my undergraduate days amalgamated to full blown political sciences and here I would say happened to be my first full-time reality of what politics in Nigeria really meant as it gradually unfolded in many ways.


There was school politics, I mean different persons clamored for various positions of leadership around the tertiary institutions government. This was evident in the various hierarchy of electoral campaigns conducted. Such as departmental elections raising leaders to function departments wise, then next in line was the faculty elections and the hulk was the Students Union Government (SUG) which seemed so important judging by the line of activity and security measures put in place for fair results.

This was one thing that I never seemed to properly wrap my senses around, what was all the hullabaloo about? Was it worth it? Well, I guess it was to the students who had some sort of benefits from any good students government. So yes, that was politics.

My First Encounter With Politics

In my opinion, Politics in Nigeria isn’t too different from that in tertiary institutions. The difference is that it’s vast, the age demography is considered too and criteria are doubled if not tripled to aspiring candidates for different positions. With this little illustration above, naturally one will consider those and authorities involved to ensure a better coordination pulling everything in their power to ensure safe, free and fair results at the polls but the reverse has always been the case.

So, I could vehemently say I’ve encountered politics for as long as I could correctly spell my name. Hopefully one of this days it’d live upto its name “free, transparent and fair.

Till then, what’s your story? Share it in the comment section.

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