Never make others a priority, when you are only an option.

Oh yes, it is fair enough!

To be made a priority, is to be placed on the front row, the front line, the VIPs seat, the lead role etc in any given, opportunity, function, place or time and to be treated as highly respected, needed and valued.

This therefore when related to humans or individuals is treated like one who comes in an entourage always even when has been existing in a person’s life for a long time. While to be an option is the direct opposite, which connotes to be the least considered, to be the only alternative since nothing better could be fodund.

Never make others a priority, when you are only an option.
A girl crying after realizing she is just an option in the eyes of her friends

We have persons who in the course of navigating through life has been treated with optimum mutual priority in their relationship with others. This could be at where they work, social society, religious groups etc and simultaneously we have those who do not enjoy same privileges.

These ones are treated as an option for several reasons with people, these may happen with their partners, family members, among friends and colleagues or even co-workers.

Most times, those treated in this category (option) do not know they are not being prioriized as they should. Some do not and are too engrossed to care. Though, this approach helps with an easy going, sane life. It is often times devastating when found out.

Therefore, the phrase “do not make others a priority when you are only an option” becomes necessary. This go miles to encourage and promote self love and confidence, as well as help you check your circle of friends to do away with sycophants and parasites and of course leaves you better appreciated by the people that matter.


Life feels happier when the love you give is reciprocated even in bits.

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