Organic Foods for Kids

Frankly, as a parent your responsibilities to your family are endless especially when you have a young life leaning on you for its every chance at survival in this world. You begin to worry about your kids every step, hygiene, sleep pattern, health, how often they smile or cry and most definitely what they eat, how safe the meals are and you just want to do everything in your power to make sure your kid feeds well.

This is when you get to research and seek advice for what type of foods are best for your growing kids. To help you with that this article hopes to ease your mind and aims to tell you what you ought to know about organic food.


Organic foods are foods produced with little or no artificial fertilizers and pesticides. When fruits and vegetables are grown organically, they are allowed to fight pest and diseases alone, without the use of chemicals. This changes the nutritional makeup of these crops. So it is fine, if the first place your mind wanders to on hearing the term are vegetables and fruits. But there is more to organic foods than just fruits and veggies, they are organic diary products, seafoods etc. Most of which are now available in grocery shops.

For your kids, what organic foods are best and why?

This piece cannot particularly recommend what you as a parent should feed your kid with, because kids all vary and have their own allergies. Though, generally we could give a few ideas that work. Kids are at higher risk to get infections and at such whatever goes in their mouth must be safe and harmless. This is to help their immune system fight diseases. Studies show that a child’s body is not fully capable of metabolizing toxins until age seven, when their liver begins to mature.


Some of good organic foods for kids include :

Organic milk: This is certainly not your regular milk, it also can cost about 50 percent more than conventional milk costs. Unlike, conventional milk contains antibiotics and artificial hormones, organic milk are they direct opposite.

Organic Ketchup: Normally, ketchup taste great for adults and especially for children and if properly prepared t’s super healthy too. Organic Ketchup is more, void of sugar and other additives also research records them to be 57 percent higher in lycopene than their conventional counterparts and dish up double the antioxidants. Lycopene is a nutrient that helps to lower the risk of cancer and heart disease.

Carrot: This is a good vegetable for kids and should only be offered to kids who are at least two years old. Mashed carrots are healthy and supplies vitamins.

Organic Eggs: Whether scrambled, poached, boiled fried, or baked. Eggs are great sources of protein and kids need protein to help maintains, and rebuild body tissues. A kids muscle and organs, and immune system in general are made up mostly of protein needy tissues.

Rice: Grains that are organically grown works for kids just as much as it works for adults. Organically grown grains are great for your kids and must be well cooked and less spiced. Grains such as rice, beans, millets, barley etc. are good carb choices.


Seafood & fish: Kids need organic seafood and fish in their meals, first for its great taste and also for its high protein content.

Reasons you should feed your kids with organic foods. Though, there are a whole number of reasons, this article will only state a couple, they include :

Organic fruits and vegetables have higher levels of vitamin C and antioxidants than conventionally grown foods. Organically produced foods make use of crop rotation, which this allows soil to recoup minerals it loses during growing seasons.

Research shows that when feeding children an organic diet, the amount of pesticide clearance in their body drops dramatically after just a few days. Many of these agricultural chemicals have been proven to disrupt hormones in the body thereby leading to cancer in future but organic food produce limits that.


Get Well Faster: Watching your kid struggle with an ailment should be just about the most disturbing and heartbreaking period for parents, especially when they begin to turn down meals. Organic foods could be a huge lifesaver here, it is not just tasty and fresher but provides a lot of energy to combat diseases since it’s highly rich in nutrients.

For kids who has food allergies, buying organic can are often better ideas. Buying organic foods can be a medium to teach your kids about how essential farming is to the world.

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