Phone etiquette

Phone etiquette is the way we use manners to represent ourselves and our business to customers via telephone communication. This includes the way we greet a customer, our body language, tone of voice, word choice, listening skills etc. Communicating your working knowledge to your callers using telephone manners should establish you as professionals worthy of repeat business dealings.


Telephone etiquette refers to a set of rules that apply when people make calls to others or when they are receiving a phone call. There are slightly different rules for variety of situations and making or receiving personal calls is not the same as making or receiving business calls. Within this set of rules, there can be additional differences, especially for business calls where companies may want callers or receivers to say certain things.

Everyone knows how to use a phone and everyone does not know how to use a phone. Today I’ll be listing down some phone etiquettes we all need to adhere to when using our mobile phones.

  1. Answer the call within three rings.
  2. Immediately introduce yourself.
  3. Speak clearly.
  4. Only use speakerphone when necessary.
  5. Actively listen and take notes.
  6. Use proper language. 
  7. Remain cheerful.
  8. Ask before putting someone on hold or transferring a call.
  9. Be honest if you don’t know the answer.
  10. Be mindful of your volume.
  11. Check for and respond to voicemails.
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