Effective 8 Steps to Take When Raising Stars

Maybe a little quota above average reading this had their mind wandering towards children, and the next generation of leaders. Well, if you thought towards that direction then you no doubts thought right, thought posterity and sustainability, you definitely are on your way to raising stars.

In the world today, where children are making waves, leaving their footprints on times sand at such young ages. Which in turn threatens adulthood who had in just a few decades back were referenced and held highly for near similar achievements at a way older age.

Change Is Constant

It is no more news that the new generation of kids, ones raised by ever dynamic technology around them are twice smarter at a very tender age than their counterpart in the last century or two. This definitely cannot be deprived them but if not well regulated properly can mar them tomorrow or their future at large.


Here are a couple steps in raising your stars:

Visualize your kid or other kids as Stars

This will help you to treat and groom them to shine as such.


Nurture Empathy in Your Child:

This means that inculcate empathic behaviours in the heart and minds of your kids. Help them to understand the need to feel pain, love, care etc towards themselves and others. This will shape and build their future relationships.

Teach Them to Volunteer

Encourage them to volunteer, in school, groups, social activities etc. This will improve their ability to work and do things themselves as well as expose them to new lessons that may not be thought in the classroom.


Offer Rewards Sparingly

Reward your kids efforts just like stars deserve, whenever they do something nice, outstanding or unexpectedly well. This will encourage them to do even more and will affirm them of your love.


Treat Them With Fairness and Respect

Many parents fail there they seem not to understand that their kids deserve to be treated with not just kindness but fairness and respect too, from their parents. Raising stars include respect to their personal possessions as well as their space etc.


Teach Them to Be Thankful

Children learn more from actions than words, and especially from what they see their parents do. If they have ungrateful parents they most likely will emulate that except in very rare cases, hence there’s need to live by example when raising star kids.

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